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Friday, 19 September 2014


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I think this is one of the best pictures you've ever shared. Love it.

Butters had made great progress training Michael. Now, if he (Butters) could keep Michael from playing with his cameras and computer all the time.

Very fine! Strong, simple composition, perfect exposure, lovely tonalities.

'Twere mine, I'd correct perspective distortion.

I'd also consider making it like the camera was slightly to the right, so the edges of the windows aren't visible. Maybe, maybe not, I'd have to see it.


That face says "Dad, put down the camera and (choose one) throw the ball/let me out/feed me now."

Rather like this image; Butters is a fine dawg. (Practicing for when I move to the Ozarks for the winter)

I see Butters is developing that look of worldly-wise resignation which says "Yes, yes I am a photographer's dog".

Hhmm, I wonder if it is not the other way around.

He makes an experiment of how many times you will pick up the ball to throw it way. He is methodical and diligent.

Nice one!

Lovely, seemingly simple shot, with beautiful light. I'm often interested in little odd details, such as the semi-ironic observation of the natural light coming through the window and lighting... the light switches.

I really, really like this photograph, Mike. Future print sale?

Nice BW tones. High ISO?

I love this picture.

Next winter, try snowballs (if you haven't already). Especially good if there's a fair bit of snow on the ground.

Get a second ball... works every time.

great dog!

What a boy, and what a nice Daddy (OK, pack leader) ;-)

A love story is born.............

You call *that* a random snap? Geez. Nice image.

I LOVE that picture!!! What a beautiful dog....

[Thanks, and thanks. He has gobs of personality, I'll say that. If he were a human he'd be in all the tabloids. [g] --Mike]

Who's a good boy?

Your framing is perfect.

Fantastic snap, Mike. I wouldn't mind at all if you showed such images more often (perfectly knowing, of course, that the subject is necessarily always greater than its depiction — but that's not to criticize the depiciton!).

You call this a random snap? It's a fantastic photo. That little slice of window and the sun falling on the wall makes this perfect. Good looking mutt too.

A photogenic buddy, that Butters.

Nice light.

What a dog....he has the labrador personality for sure. Lovely light and shade. Great picture.

Just like our Mollie dog when confronted with a ball (and she's somewhere between 13 and 15)... Difference is, she drops the ball in my hand to speed the process up!

'Butters chez Johnston [& Lulu]': absolutely lovely. This is where a 'Like' button (which one could press a number of times) - or even a 'Buy it Now' button - would be really convenient...

Even if no hommage was intended, a photo by Kertész came to mind:


good picture, definitely not just a snap! but it would have been better if Butters was a cat :)

Sometimes it all just comes together perfectly, doesn't it.

You REALLY got yourself a dog there.

Didn't William Wegman build a fine-art career exclusively with his Weimaraners?

Opportunity knocks.

That photo is a classic!

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