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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Lo, much time has passed since the threat to divulge the identity of the new "Topmobile". My interest in cars and cameras is unabated, and this "aside", this brief hint of some "uber Honda" with a MT. Well, Sir, do tell! Speculation runs rampant. 8-)

Mike, glad you enjoyed our sleepy little town. We have called Barrington home since moving here four years ago. I continue to be thrilled that one option when I set out for a dog walk is to head to the beach.

Mike, you haven't adjusted your sense of distance to Rhode Island standards. Barrington is "across the bridge" from Providence, and we only go there for special occasions. If I we're to move 20 minutes west to Barrington, I'd go from seeing my friends and family on a weekly basis to quarterly visits.

Hope you enjoyed your brief stay in our little state!

I just got back to my home in Central Florida after a 7000 mile road trip that included the full length of Route 66. I must say, that we should all see the beauty and splendor of the USA before we rave about and tour the rest of the world. There is so much beauty to see in this county.

Isn’t that always the case when one has been lusting after a lens that we find all sorts of venues where it would have worked far better than what we have on hand.

Where are you going in VT. The leaves are early this year. You're in for a treat.

Not sure where in upstate NY you are headed, but "Olana" is a neat side trip.

"..I cannot rest from travel: I will drink
Life to the lees: All times I have enjoy'd
Greatly, have suffer'd greatly, both with those
That loved me, and alone, on shore, and when
Thro' scudding drifts the rainy Hyades
Vext the dim sea: I am become a name;
For always roaming with a hungry heart.."

As a (transplanted) resident of western New York (we distinguish ourselves from "upstate", which is a term most frequently used by denizens of NYC who consider any place where one cannot see the skyline as "upstate",) I can speak to how truly beautiful and wonderful New York state is. And so much of it is rural and wonderful. Sometimes I just drive south from Kodak-ville to achieve elevation and isolation, the 4x5 in tow just in case. And I seek out a real diner for breakfast either before or after exploring gravel back roads, depending on how early a start I was able to make.

As a former resident of Ontario, it is almost home. The Adirondacks have higher peaks than anything at home, but overall Ontario has more geographical and geological diversity and more water -- even though NY has a fair amount of waterways and lovely aquatic ecosystems. When I stop and consider, I realize how fortunate I am to have had the good fortune to live in both places.

Good travel, Mike.

Be sure to visit Ha-vahd Square, and look for the law offices of Dewey, Cheetham & Howe. (No relation.)

I own the Panasonic 14mm & 20mm primes and the Olympus 45mm & 75mm primes. You probably want the 45mm prime for Karate. And it's cheaper than either the Olympus 12-40mm zoom or the Panasonic 12-35mm zoom.

Oh Mikey-Mikey-Mike. It's not the 24mm lens that let you down, it's your legs. Move forward =35mm...move backwards =12mm...simples.

So Barrington is real? I thought it was just a town in Family Guy!

"I've mostly left the camera alone" WOW!! take your time out to smell the roses.... but fill us up when you get home

I'm in Riverside, next door to Barrington. No other comment, except sounds like you are having a good trip. Enjoy

But remember what Dorothy said "Theirs no place like home."

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