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Monday, 15 September 2014


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That photo of Carl reminds me to get my drivers license renewed soon.

I could afford to buy, but have budgeted for some other projects. But oh, I really wanted Steep Rock.

hope everybody else enjoyed the window into the process.

Very much so.

I'm secretly British at heart, despite my lack of enthusiasm for footandheadball

Don't worry. I'm fully British and have no interest in it either - other than wondering why your country uses the same name for a game where feet and ball hardly ever come into contact!

You can be an honourary Brit - although in a couple of days, Britain might be a bit smaller!

Carl is a true gentleman. He stayed one night at my house during his travels for his drive-in theater project. Had some great conversation during which he turned me on to four thirds cameras and he was kind enough to give me a print of his Pike drive-in image. The next morning we went over to the local drive-in for him to do his work and then he departed. I just wish there had been more time to absorb more of his knowledge about photographers and photography.

Nice to see the venerable Deardoff V8 with one who knows how to use it. Nothing quite like a contact print from these wooden beauties.
No batteries to die. Screen large enough for easy viewing. Adjustments to control the image so you don't have to 'fix it in post'.
Getting it right from the start makes life easier and more enjoyable.

It seems your friend's photography literacy is prett-tyyy prett-tyyy prett-tyyy ... pretty good!

Don't worry Mike. Plenty of Brits like rugby!

Dan, I do have this thing where I think the 8x10 Deardorff is the Ur-camera. Because it is.

Tom, that was such a nice break on the lonely six-week expedition, to stay with you and your lovely SO, talk, have a nice dinner, play with the dogs, talk about whatever. I'm in your debt for inviting and hosting me.--Carl

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