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Monday, 08 September 2014


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Sounds good. This should be fascinating.

Wishing you both a remarkably successful collaboration. I like that TOP is evolving in a multi-talented direction. Ailsa is certain to add to the richness that is TOP and contribute mightily to the TOP's ever-present goal of world domination!


Welcome! Being a reader of most of the 100 issues of your magazine, I look forward to, again, reading your words and considering your thoughts. I look forward to a long and interesting relationship with TOP.

I fully enjoyed and admired your previous work and anxiously await for you to bring us up to date with your life, work and thoughts.

Again, welcome!

And...Mike thanks for bringing her into the fold. What a wonderful addition to an already terrific place for pensive contemplation on all things photographic.

Huzzah! Huzzah! Great news Mike! Welcome Ailsa!

Not that you've been gone. . . TOP's back!

May you go onward from strength to strength!

Excellent news. Now we know that the world-leading TOP development team has made use of the worm-hole between two very specific spots in Waukesha & Brighton. That explains the ruse of the apparent single desk in the TOP(W) HQ.

Excellent news. Congrats to both!

That is excellent news! Two of my favourite fixtures from my old favourite photo magazine, together now on my favourite photo site.

This sounds great. And seems likely to bring a LOT more to TOP than an "intern" or low-level assistant would. I look forward to seeing things as they develop!

Wonderful news! Although I only briefly subscribed to the UK’s Black & White Photography magazine, I am familiar with who Ailsa McWhinnie is, and it was through reading your articles in that magazine I was first introduced to your writing.

I have been feeling a bit disinterested with photo forums lately after coming to the conclusion most are so male dominated that there is about zero attention paid to the female contribution to the art. After watching a number of videos through a paid subscription on one of the forums it only added fuel to my disappointment. The videos include recordings of guest photographers, tutorials, and photo industry people and not one of the videos I saw had a female photographer/industry expert in it! It was quite disappointing and eye opening at the same time. Kudos to you Mike for bringing Ailsa onboard.

Good news, and just in time for a despatch from the Brighton Photo Biennial!

Excellent. Black & White Photography was and is my favorite magazine.

It was mine (not is). This coincided with Ailsa editing it.

Welcome Ailsa.

Excellent news!

Dang! I read B&W just as I got into photography, as a young undergrad twelve years ago, and have very fond memories of it. This is gonna be exciting!

That's wonderful. About 50% of what I liked from Black & White Photography are together again.


B&W Photo is one of only two magazines I subscribe to, and the only print magazine (the other is the iPad version of the BJP). My subscription is expiring though, and I am unsure of whether to continue. It has moved from an eccentric and quirky, but interesting, magazine, to something which has two or three beginner's how-to articles per month, and a camera review, but hardly any of the quirky stuff I loved so much. Sad.

Excellent. I still have many copies of Black and White Photography from those days. Welcome, Ailsa.

Onwards and upwards!

Great news. How nice it is to get Ailsa back as it were. I have a problem with Black and White Photography magazine. My house is festooned with piles of magazines - and they are all B&W P. They are just too good to throw out.

Congratulations both of you. This should be good :-)

Terrific news. Black & White really changed when Ailsa left and imo, the void has never been filled. Good things ahead!

You have completely upstaged Apple's big event later today! Great news!

Great news. Those first 100 issues of Black & White Photography were very good (well 89 - I started buying them at #11). Enough to keep me subscribing even at the high rate we had to pay in the US. I do miss them. I think much of that quality was due to Ailsa McWhinnie's stewardship.

I'd love to see you bring some of the ideas from the magazine over to TOP. I got a lot out of "The printer's art" and the "Master printers" series (and I'm sure I forgetting many others). I imagine some regular series on art and technique would be interesting to a lot of us. I still go back and reread those sections of the magazines. Series like that could generate page views long past when it's first published, if my experience in rereading old magazines is any indication.

Very exciting news. Some issues of Black and White Photography were nothing short of epic. I was thrilled and inspired.

The best of the best. I look forward to her contributions both visible and behind the scenes.

Absolutely wonderful to have Ailsa joining TOP. I particularly loved BW magazine in the hay day of her editorship. And having a fellow Brit on the team is of course the right thing to do. Can't wait.

Simon, Norfolk, UK

That's fantastic news. I used to subscribe to Black+White Photography, but when Ailsa left it went down hill. I am looking forward to her input.

What a great choice! It was in Black and white where I discovered your writing and looked forward to it arriving three months after publication in this land far away down under... Many congratulations.

Many congratulations to both, and I can only see what my favourite photography website grows into :)

Fantastic news. Ailsa McWhinnie, the one person who as editor of a print magazine succeeded in allowing her readers to become her companions on a shared journey of discovery, joins forces with Mike Johnston, the one blogger who is doing the same with his blogsite. I still have all my old copies of "B&W Photography", stacked up ready for perusal on my bookshelves, starting with issue 1 and ending sometime shortly after McWhinnie left and the magazine lost its charme. Congrats and good luck to you both.

Yay! Best writer you could get!

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