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Sunday, 14 September 2014


Actually, I think the D810 is the Nikon we all want... but maybe can't quite afford it. Anyway, i've been spoiled by 36mp in the D800e (and now D810) in terms of not only sharpness, but also high exposure latitude, and high ISO performance up to 6400 that meets the vast majority of my scene recording needs such that I'm now spoiled. I just don't like shooting with any cameras that don't have this combination of sharpness, DR, and manageably low noise up to ISO 6400.

I'd personally like a Nikon Df for the few pre-AI Nikkor lenses in may collection. Now doubt it has better high ISO performance, but that doesn't make the Df a "must have" camera for my needs. Mirrorless cameras? Still not there for me. Sharpness and ghosting have been much improved, but looking at the world through a viewfinder with clipped shadows and highlights just doesn't cut if for me. Give me a true OVF. any time, all the time.

So, D810 is the benchmark, IMHO, for still photograph. D750 may be better for video work, but not for stills.

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