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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


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Sweet! Congrats on the successful blog post, Mike. I might have to give it a whirl, too.

Packing up for the annual trip to MO Ozarks.

The audio reproduction is excellent!

Hi Mike.

I have bad news - the experiment didn't work! Your entry didn't post, the dictation didn't take, and there's nothing here for me to comment on. I wish you better luck next time, but then if none of this worked, you'll never know I've wished you well.


Have you looked at Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad.. might help you a little bit!

That works then. Have a good trip Mike, enjoy yourself.


Thank you for the link to blogsy.

I recently started using a Windows-based speech recognition program. I have found it useful, and reasonably accurate on non-specialized vocabulary. The interesting thing is that I have found that I do not speak and write in the same style. I find that my speaking style has many more parentheticals and discursions within a sentence. So I have been dictating and then editing heavily. Time saver? Well I think once I get myself trained to speak a well-written paragraph, the answer will be an unqualified "maybe." ;-)

I've tried speech recognition and found it difficult for me. I have to close my eyes and really concentrate to compose my speech. It's strange.

Yet when I type, it all seems to flow. I hate to admit it, but my thought processes seem to go as slowly as my typing. Yet it works. As I said, when I'm typing I hardly have to stop to think - it just flows out.

I think I probably need to try harder with the speech recognition - Dragon of course. When I have time.

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