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Saturday, 06 September 2014


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The "Orange Couch"!
Even Nero Wolfe had only a single red chair.

Best ... couch ... EVAR!

I believe that’s the Juan who was part of the wonderful Van en van blog, which I gleefully followed all the way to as far south as you can realistically drive: http://www.vanenvan.com/

[That's they, yes. Thanks for the link. --Mike]

Wow, I've also followed Buhler's site for years. Any chance he'd do a print sale?


[We're going to work on that. --Mike]

Car porn on TOP, the horror!!

Seriously, looks like your new home is the start of a new cycle in your life. Best of luck!

Now that you are in fancier digs maybe your new couch could be in the colour Burnt Umber.
Congratulations on finally getting moved into a suitable place.

Best of luck in the spacious new office, Mike; although I suspect that by the Spring you'll be suffering from the Subterranean Homesick Blues, and looking for ways to bring in more natural light.

The first social visitor is a big step towards the new house becoming the new home. Nice couch too, looks big enough to stretch out on to 'rest the eyes' for a while. Haven't looked at his photos yet, but will when I can. You do seem to find some good photographers.

So happy to know that things are falling into place. And that is one glorious sofa.

As a dedicated picker of nits, I cannot resist asking if you should more correctly have written that Juan is the very first OTHER photographer to sit on the Orange Couch.

- Tom -

[Actually, no! He was here while it was delivered and he sat on it before I did. Honest! --Mike]

That is one sweet dog.

Those bokeh FX on "Ratatouille" were a major contribution and worked treat.

With Juan Buhler as first visitor to TOP's secret subterranean world HQ, TOP's *horizonless*!

*timeless, sans limits

Damn, I see a brown couch. No wonder I like black and white so much!

Having lived in Austria, I can't imagine a Weiner Schnitzel in Wisconsin could be any more disappointing ;-)

Years ago I had orange "couches" in my basement too. (a hand-me-down from a friend) Ostensibly they were couches that converted into day beds once the single full-length, unsecured back bolsters were removed. In reality, they were nothing more than vinyl-covered box springs, neither suitable for sitting nor sleeping. But they sure were orange!

I just dug out my treasured copy of Juan's self-pubisihed book "Street Photographs," which he signed and numbered for me way back in 2006 when we were all just photobloggers. It's an incredible book and the images are really well reproduced.

Good to see Juan! Hey buddy, when are you back in the SF area?

And I like the couch too... :-)

It looks OK for a $150K car ;-)

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