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Thursday, 04 September 2014


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On "Changing New York" it is fascinating to see the range of prices. From $17,000 for the museum grade copy, inscribed to a gallery-owner at the time of publication, down to $300 for a copy from a Paris bookseller, down further to $125 for a later printing, probably with better plates (but who knows?).


You haven't mentioned the second-most important factor- how are the dogs taking to the new house?

Glad it is all under way, can't wait to see photos. Coffee, books, computer, couch... it doesn't take much to make a home.

I hope the computer behaves itself: left behind at the old place.

Last time I moved house, well, really the contents, was just before Christmas. There were no removal firms available. Woops. I ended up calling in all sorts of favours, & had a procession of friends helping my move.

Of course I had to check out "Changing New York" based on your comment. After I picked my jaw off the floor, I realized that later editions appear to be more easily attainable (and I wish my signature was worth that much!).

Orange couch, eh. (I'm Canadian) Sounds like you're a Sony fanboi.;)

What, no pithy thoughts on themes Miata?

Hi, Mike. Thanks for the b/w book list. Interesting and very much I want (but no money).
Slightly off topic – but in your posting – guns. I've been against gun restriction for a long while. But after all the years of killing, and reading how other countries handle this (Australia for example), I've come around. No one needs an assault weapon. And background checks should be mandatory everywhere. It's going to be a tough/impossible task, though, so long as police force armament across the US makes them look and behave like a branch of some third-world army. That's something else we don't need. Military weapons and vehicles in the hands of the police is not comforting.

And then there is the NRA. NRA: No Rational Assessment Possible. NRAP sounds better.

Maybe better to not post this. Guns drive many into an immediate state of Rights Whine. Sigh.

'Naturally Aspirated': I used to loathe the thought of turbo-charging (or super-charging) an engine. In the UK and other parts of Europe, the 80s hot hatches left memories of very, very poor turbo-charging. (Worst of the worst? - the Renault 5 GT Turbo. Absolutely none of these cars have survived - they've all been wrecked.)

In recent years, however, modest turbocharging began to appear in ordinary cars, as part of the solution to ever-increasing demands for low fuel consumption and emissions. I currently drive a 1.4 petrol engine VW Golf. On a recent long run I averaged better than 50mpg (that's imperial gallons, of course) and got 540 miles from a tank of unleaded. Yet the performance is plenty good enough - I've never been near the top speed, and the 0-60 time is nearer 9 seconds than 10. That's quick enough for me, and is only a shave away from the performance of the Mk1 Golf GTI, which was a sensation in its day.

Today's turbocharging is a world away from the turbos of yore and can provide a host of benefits.

In NC, intrastate moves are more expensive that interstate moves. A good moving company lobby, I guess.

An orange couch? Reminds me of a fellow who had Spanish furniture. It was made from orange crates.

"The guy who did it will spend a long time in jail, and then a much longer time in hell."

So you believe in the myths of religion?

[That one I'll believe in, situationally, in his case, sure. --Mike]

In the autocross world, underpowered Miatas are sort of like Formula Fords. They're really easy to drive fast, but to be at the front of the pack, you have to be a virtrioso. It also helps to be a 3/4 sized human.

completely OT:

Lumix GX7's price just dropped a bunch, now $300 under MSRP at $697.99

B&H says until September 6. Panasonic o-l store says $699, and until October 4, IF AVAILABLE.

Photokina anticipation?

The new Miata looks fabulous, but why the preference for a 5 speed box rather than the 6 speed, Mike? Having gone back to a 5 speed box from a 6 speeder, I miss having a very long top gear for relaxed high-speed cruising (high, but legal, speeds of course!).

@ Mike: " I'm really hoping for two engine options, one for all the people who like underpowered Mazdas and don't think the Miata needs two engine options, and the other for those of us who are right"

I remember this phrase from a road test of something or other, years ago: "Much too fast enough" : ]

Mike, I agree with you about the 5-speed. My Mazda3 is a 6-speed but the gear ratios are so close together it's just unnecessary. If Mazda won't give us a higher sixth gear for interstate cruising than why have it, except for marketing? (cough*camera company-style*cough)

There is no way under the sun or above it that the new Miata won't have a manual transmission available. Jeeze, Mike.

Miata? As if on cue, the car with 'your' UK registration plate, re-appeared today in Inverness. First time since reporting it last year. I note you've now changed the black hard-top for a silver soft-top.


Orange Couch,.. Ouch.
Will this be a signature color for the subterranean world headquarters?

I owned an original version Mx-5 (Miata) - which was the only care I've ever regretted selling (although it went to friends as their weekend car, and they still own it). I presently drive an Rx-8 and have to differ on the 6th gear - a nice tall overdrive for freeway cruising - otherwise Mazda's usual snick snick 5 speed stick shift. I don't know when the new Miata will arrive Down Under, but I'm a likely early adopter (even if financially, I really shouldn't).

Lucky that you have such a leisurely period of transition. In the UK, we do it on the day of completion. At which point, every item in one house has to be loaded by a pre-arranged time, at which point the new owners arrive in their truck.

I had no house to go to last time, so I had two moves - one to my brother's double garage, and six months later to my new home. In the meantime I lived in a rented room with an overstuffed suitcase.

This arose because the sale of my house went through but the person I was buying from pulled out before contracts were signed. I found a new place 4 months later, but it took 2 months to complete the legalities and complete the deal.

I think you had it easy.

re: Changing New York. You fail to mention that some of the copies on sale at Abebooks only have a $4 shipping fee. Practically free.

Why on earth would a Mazda need two engines? Oh... wait...

If you've never done a local move, they're great. You hire the truck and the workers by the hour

I have done it a few times.

The difference is, I hire the truck and I drive it and get my friends to do the heavy lifting!

Apparently from what I have gathered the new MX5 will have a 1.5i and 2.0i naturally aspirated engines and manual gearbox. So Virva 130hp and 160hp.

I thought I would never get to see copies of those books due to their price and rarity but through the miracle of interlibrary loan, I have a bunch on the way. (including Changing New York) Can't wait to study them.

"I'm really hoping for two engine options, one for all the people who like underpowered Mazdas and don't think the Miata needs two engine options, and the other for those of us who are right."

Thanks for the hot coffee snort. I'm cleaning my keyboard & monitor now.

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