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Monday, 22 September 2014


We are also in a new home, and watched the budget to pay off bills become a fund to make the house more functional for our way of doing things. Planning is fun but it sure isn't anything like reality. We camped in a trailer for a week between homes, so at least our old one funded the new - almost!
Our home points more toward magnetic north than north, so we're about to lose the daylight in our 'north' windows; it will be fun to experience the seasons in a new light... :^p

Glad to hear you're getting off on the right foot with your new neighbors.

Thanks for the photos, you are fortunate to have such a beautiful semi-rural home. But...who's going to mow the yard?

Whaw Mike!
Your back yard looks like hell of a lot of grass to mow. You can choose now if to be upset for the poor climate, that will not let you cultivate exotic plants there, or to be cheerful, that thanks to it, your garden will be covered with snow for many months, thus relieving you from keeping it tidy. Let me know if you like roses - I have researched once the hardy cultivars you can plant even in Canada. I love fragrant gardens.

Hi, Mike, as I write this in Eastern Australia, 07.30 Wednesday, it's exactly 5 hours away from our Vernal Equinox (your Autumnal). I always try to take a photo at exactly that instant four times a year wherever I am.. (Solstices and equinoxes) Makes for some interesting pix over the years... It'll be 21.30 where you are, so can we have a streetlight shot? Lovely pic.... Bruce

That's a lot more than a yard!

"so much depends upon a red wheelbarrow. . . "

- William Carlos Williams


By your way of thinking, lots of different people are going to live, over the years, next to that farmer's soybeans. I wonder if he or she thought about that before he or she planted. Or did the real estate people tell the farmer what most of the people want to live next to most of the time?
Soybeans are actually quite friendly. I lived next to a patch once upon a time. Hunters brought their shotguns too close to the house one Fall, but otherwise the Soys were friendly neighbors.
I should have titled this "What is the Universal Beige of Crops?"

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