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Thursday, 11 September 2014


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With all the changes going on here can we assume that the site will be relaunched as The Orange Photographer?

The orange bag is a nice touch. A local shooter who travels a lot once told me he likes to put his camera bags into a nicely scruffed up Huggie's diaper bag. Who's going to steal that?

Mmm. Orange. Good choice. My camera gear has orange cases, that tone with two orange suitcases for travel. I'm pleased someone else thought about keeping an eye on where the camera (or other) gear is going.

I like the walk-around S2 & 70mm lens.

I noticed your 'Chuck Close' portrait of LuLu on the fridge, but you haven't mentioned her in a while—the new fella seems to be taking center stage. How's she taking to the new digs?

And btw, if you can load a film reel and mix developer, you can learn to cook. It doesn't need to be difficult.

[People are never going to stop saying that, I realize, but I can't cook. Take my word. I also can't keep plants alive. There are some things we have a feel for, and some things we don't, and that's life. --Mike]

What is that bag? I might be interested in getting it.

That's a really orange bag; what's the brand name? It looks very capable.

I learned to cook while living with my single dad who not only couldn't cook, he fell into the category of "shouldn't cook," as it was always a grueling punishment to experience the results. I usually enjoy it, and I definitely find pleasure in following a good recipe. Good cook books followed closely, that's what works for me.

However, I understand distaste for a chore. I'm that way with home improvement projects. I get zero pleasure doing them, and I love hiring a pro when I can.

New Rule: Anytime TOP publishes a portrait of a photographer sitting on the Orange Is the New Couch*, with his or her camera bag in the frame, TOP needs to mention the model of the camera bag. Feel free to add links to Amazon and/or BH.

* Sorry about that horrible, horrible pun. I'll go stand in the corner now.

I'm interested in the bag too!

I know you're not a big traveller, Mike, but if you ever get to San Francisco, Suzanne and I would love to cook for you.

Dat couch!

Regarding the questions about the Orange Bag.
It is a Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack

You can get it through Amazon and TOP will make money.
It is not waterproof and has no padding, but it works for me.
I can carry any S equipment and accessories. I like that it has a nice carrying handle, but also shoulder straps if I'm going a distance. Normally I just have the camera in my hand, which is why I have a wrist step. Perhaps I should update the wrist strap with orange rather than red?

Here is the Leica S2 in the bag.

BTW that was not a 70mm on the body at Mike's, it is the 30mm-90mm S zoom.

Can't cook?!? Can do good stuff in the darkroom, and can't cook? B'gawd, yer using the same sorts of stuff, materials, chemistry, processes, timing, and at the end, making magic happen. I cannot believe there's not a "won't" hiding inside that "can't."

My late daughter-in-law, a chef, once gave me a copy of "Think Like a Chef" for Christmas. Reading it liberated me from the tyranny of the recipe, and helped me to understand what I was trying to do.

Here's my prescription: Maybe buy a copy of Cooks Illustrated magazine, and read it, not to really cook anything, but for the narrative describing what's going on as they work out a recipe. Try Michael Pollan's "Cooked" for a fascinating history of food transformation. And here's one on my Amazon wishlist, which I intend to get once I whittle down my current reading backlog: "Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food"

bon appetit!

Designer of Apple goodness is Jony Ives, not Mr Jobs. Apple first got started with world class design with the German company Frog Design, but brought in Englishman Ives in the early '90s.

"There are some things we have a feel for, and some things we don't, and that's life."

The point I was making is that you can pull it off by following instructions. Most photographers don't wing it when they're mixing chemicals—they follow a recipe—no "feel" necessary. Later on, if/when the spirit moves, there's always room for experimentation. Then, you gotta have That Feel.

So I guess orange really is the new black?

I've long lamented that most camera-type bags continue to be lined with gray or black fabrics. Trying to find a black-colored thing (camera, accessory) in a black bag at night, or even in low light, is absurdly hard. Only one bag I've owned has featured a bright (yellow) lining.

I love that diaper bag idea, Mike P.! That would mate perfectly with the "dirty diaper"-style hold that Kirk Tuck once observed when shooting with an lcd-only camera.

I use to think orange was best left for Popsicles and pumpkins until I saw your couch; now I want one too.

You'd better start turning all those lights off or you will wilt at the sight of your electric bill! Plus I'd start cutting firewood, my brother in law in Duluth says they may get snow this weekend and it looks like another doozie of a winter! Still 97 here in Texas:)( You oughta see that spin the meter around!)Lastly those pics on the fridge are great but they are just a little too neat!

I like toting a Leica too, an M6 to be specific. Hooked by the Leica mystique.

Recently had a terrific time shooting with the 50/1.4 Summilux. Souped the two rolls of Tri-X and got them scanned by the pro-lab. I enjoy looking at the jpeg images as much as printing the keepers in my darkroom within the next fortnight.

No immediacy is sometimes good. One learns to maximize your limit of 36 images per roll, like honing a "One shot one kill" discipline.

It would be nice if they made Deuter bags in orange colour too. They double up nicely as camera bags.

I assume you have an orange couch for the same reason I have an Orange Bag. It's easier to see it if somebody is walking away with it?

Jack… that bag should have a seat reserved for it around the Biltmore fire pit this winter! Far more chic than most of the outfits I see when I'm there!

Too bad I live half a world away, or I'd be happy to pop by and cook a yummy meal for you!

So nice to see a kitchen with white appliances instead of stainless steel. My wife brute forced us into the stainless stuff, and I swear it'll show a smudge or fingerprint if you get your hand within six inches of it.

Good tip about having an orange bag in order to locate it if someone tries to steel it!

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