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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


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This quote is from Wikipedia. A famous story about Don van Vliet, better known as Captain Beefheart.

Van Vliet enrolled at Antelope Valley Junior College as an art major, but decided to leave the following year. He once worked as a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, and sold a vacuum cleaner to the writer Aldous Huxley at his home in Llano, pointing to it and declaring, "Well I assure you sir, this thing sucks."

I had dogs as a kid, but since then, my wife and I have had cats - we've had 4 come & go (up to 3 at a time; it's not like they don't live long lives !) and our 5th one now. Of all 5, the first one was unusually intelligent. On at least two occasions, my wife was talking on the phone and the cat wanted her attention, so after being rebuffed a few times, he bit through the phone cord while she was talking ! (I imagine most of your readers still remember phone cords).

If you can vacuum in the house with dogs be happy. Our dog goes berserk ever time we try to vacuum.

"Hope you have a nice, low-cost Wednesday"

Hmm... it's gonna be a nice, high-cost Wednesday if you order one (or more) of the prints.

Nice to hear that a local shoppe earned your business. If you want a brand new cord, it is available online for $33. Installation looks simple.

That right there would be enough to make me reject a Dyson. This is what I call "stupid and mean design" specifically designed to lock a person into captive and expensive maintenance. When we ran a small janitorial business the Windsor Sensor vacs were reliable and easy to maintain. I had an entire 35ft cord replaced for half that just this past year. Replacing a brush, about $11 for the part, took me all of 2 min. if I also stopped for a cup of coffee.

Dogs can be trained not to chew electric cord by leaving appliances plugged in.:-)

Luckily the vacuum was not plugged in while Butters exercised his jaws.

This is one gear-centric post I don't mind responding to...

I love our Dysons. Living in a place where the nearest paved surface is five miles away, with three large dogs, our Dyson upright has been up to the task—the relatively high initial cost has been largely offset by the fact that we don't have to purchase bags to bring down to the dump. With as much dirt and fur as we collect, it was a considerable expense.

The real star though, is not the upright, but the small rechargeable hand vacuum. This time of year, at high altitudes, we're inundated by the nightly migration and infiltration of "Miller" moths. The little handheld Dyson is the perfect tool to suck 'em up every morning. This summer, we've also been plagued by a large population of bees that are attracted to our hummingbird feeders, and I suck them up by the dozens on a regular basis.

While the hose on the full-size vacuum would do just as well for pest removal, the handheld vac has real advantage. After collecting a few dozen fluttering moths or bees, I can remove the battery and throw the whole thing in the freezer. This way, when it comes time to empty it, I'm not confronted with a face full of moths or a hoard of angry bees.

Most dogs are afraid of vacuum cleaners; sounds like Butters pulled the plug on it! If so, really smart dog you got there Mike.

We have an old Kirby Vacuum Cleaner -- too expensive, too heavy and too old -- that has a belt driven brush. The belt is the device's mechanical weak point, is not available from any of the standard retailers and from Kirby it is expensive.

A local vacuum repair shop (five minutes from home) has them (just don't label them "for Kirby") for a buck or two each. Last time I was in I (finally) decided to buy a spare which the owner gave me gratis.

As long as we have dogs and cats we will need "great little old-fashioned-American vacuum-cleaner shop[s]."

I see the belts are now available from Amazon.

Oconomowoc - what a delightful word.

Dyson have a very online spares department which sells parts at a very reasonable price and the whole design of their appliance makes replacing parts very easy.

Just be glad Butters didn't swallow the plug!!

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