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Friday, 15 August 2014


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Mike I vote for fine mornings, those are my personal favorites. ;)

Good morning Mike.
The Morning Coffee posts are great, but I think five days a week is better than seven — weekends are important, conceptually and as a break from daily routines. (I'm a six-day-a-week person myself, but all seven days are improved by setting aside at least one day as a day of rest, of change, of whatever.)

Weekends are for sleeping in, and taking the time to drink the good stuff once you do get up.

BTW, who (first) said it takes 30 days to start a habit? That, and "500 words a day is a good start." I'm still working on that...

I think fine mornings a week would be fine. Though how you would figure out how the next morning would be fine is beyond me...

Must be a writer thing.


Just do what works best for you; we just enjoy the fruits of your labor.. No need to force something out if you're not up to it.

M-F would be ideal for me. Get to work, boot up the computer, get coffee, back to my desk and check the weather, news, TOP, VSL, LuLa, then on to billable work.

... and maybe 7:30 instead of 6:30?

Don't overdo this!
Five mornings a week is plenty.
How about featuring more reruns of popular blogs?

Everybody Moves, some more than others. Everyone takes some time away from work to accomplish it. Most of your readers probably understand that. The more organized you can make the move and the new space, the better TOP will be in October and after. I suspect you will still be quite busy in September.
That said, I really enjoy the Idea of Morning coffee. A short post at a specific early time is something to look forward to, and it keeps your readers engaged. But only if it doesn't detract from your 'regular' posts.
Also, don't over commit. 7 days is crazy. Everyone needs time.
You are in a somewhat unique position, you have created a TOP family with all that family implies -crazy uncles, nosy aunts, but generally people who respect and care about you.
Bravo for that.
If new TOP HQ will really allow you to do more things, and more satisfying things you have to remember you will have more space, but not more time.
This is a chance to set a new paradigm. Be fair to yourself, and your content will get even better.
I liked the old TOP, I will like the new TOP whatever you decide it should be.
Great good luck, and I hope you are documenting all this for future posts.

Please put my vote in the 5 days a week with repeats of classics category. I look forward to the regular postings again but OTOH this is really quite nice. On the Gripping Hand, we don't need to burn you out over what is supposed to be simple small fun posts.

Thanks for all you do.

I've also enjoyed these Morning Coffee posts(actually Afternoon Tea here as you know) and would welcome them continuing. And, yes, 5 days a week is a good idea.

I also think you should reserve the right to sometimes send a quick note the night before saying something like " Sorry - no Morning Coffee post tomorrow, I'm sleeping in, got an early appointment, too busy, need a break, whatever....".

That way it can never become a burden for you and teaches us not to take you for granted!

Enjoy the morning coffee posts, Mike. Hope you decided to continue them this fall ..

Us west-coasters just got up anyway... *sips coffee*

A regular column is taxing and can become boring (for both the writer and reader) especially when you have to really hunt around for something to say. Why not just do it when the subject or spirit moves you?

I think you should do what's most comfortable and pleasant. You're at your best when you really have something to say, rather than put the cart in front of the horse and commit to a schedule. OTOH, Morning Coffee is a great concept, so perhaps having it guested occasionally would ease the perceived burden.

[I really don't see this as being any sort of burden. Rather, I really think it will be fun, and get to be something I really enjoy. I just need to get into the right mindset, the "flow." I do think I'll get there, probably sooner rather than later. --Mike]

Mike, you're moving. We all understand what that entails, especially for an organizationally challenged writer/blogger/photographer. The morning coffees are a pleasant surprise and I look forwars to them. But, if you suddenly run into a large pile of stuff that has to be sorted out and can't post for a couple of days, we will wait. Don't add pressure, moving is hard enough all on it's own.

See you in September.

Technically, this IS a "Morning Coffee" post, since you're showing a bit behind the curtain and a bit of your own personal musings. :)

I was entertained anyways. Maybe tell grumpy ol' Ctein to get on writing up a post or two hisself to fill the void. ;)

I second Johan's comment 100%. Don't wear yourself out : )

Five is fine. Don't turn into a hamster on a treadmill...

Five days a week would be really nice. We don't want you to burn yourself out, so cut back on the weekends.

Monday through Friday would be fine by me. This is your 'job', so to speak, and your the one who has to be comfortable doing it.
Like others have said, the weekend routine is different. I'll visit TOP several times a day generally, but because of different activities Saturdays and Sundays, not in the morning.
During this period of reorganization and moving, a "post form the past" would be good. And re-posting some "Golden Oldie", once you get settled wouldn't be a bad idea either.
You have at this point of transition, a blank palette on which to create! i think I kind of envy you! I hope your excited!

Here in rural California waiting for the page to load on my iPhone I had ample time to speculate that instead of the August "let them eat coffee cake" * scheduled post Mike has written a breaking news item about:
Rodents of unusual size discovered in the new house.
Rodents perpetrating some mischief on the M .C. Johnston archives.
Ruminations on the origins of the packrat gene
Mikes response to humans who done him wrong voiced in the Jamse Cagney manner
A giant inflatable rat like the one in front of the google building that I was reading about in the New York Times this morning ( an article literally interrupted by a truck "carrying several women clad in only bras and panties waving from inside a glass box" driving through it.)
Mikes exclamation upon waking up realizing that he should have sent those old canon breach mount lenses to one of his lens obsessed readers

Hmm, it's a meta post about there being no post , reministant of John Cages quote
" I have nothing to say/ and I am saying it/ and that is poetry/ as I need it. "

Not to be confused with yesterday's homage to Robert Rauschenberg, Erased de Kooning Drawing,

Is there a trend here?

* much like August in NYC when the only way to see a psychiatrist is to drive to Atlantic Beach in Amagansett, which is full of psychiatrists, just not your psychiatrist.

I agree with the above... 5x/wk is fine. If you miss a day, don't sweat it.

Eight days a week.

If Ringo can do it, you can do it.

(I vote for 5 - and that you REALLY take Saturdays off this fall. Gives me a day off too - currently I check in 'just in case' you've worked on your 'day off').



In a perfect world where interesting, well-written posts appeared without muss or fuss, definitely seven.

I do like the idea of the morning posts continuing long-term in some form, but I'm worried that committing to doing it 7 days, plus keeping up a good schedule of "regular" posts, might be cutting the candle (that'd be you, Mike!) in half and burning all four ends. But maybe the reorganization of TOP is making more writing time available for you?

Morning coffee doesn't have to be in the morning. Some of us get started a lot later than others. Post whenever you can/wasn't. I have been reading your words for almost a decade; it is the well thought out posts are the ones that keep me interested, not the regularity.

Occasionally, when you have something to say.

Beware Mike, it's easy to start day dreaming while tangled up in a semi-mindless job (moving for example). While I do yard work or clean the house, my head fills with great blogging ideas. I tell myself I need to get organized, manage my time better, and my blog will flourish. The problem is life always gets in the way. Good writing takes time and a well of ideas. It seems to me that your plate is already full. Many of your posts appear to be a full day's work. Maybe if you hired some outside help and acquired a few more guest posters you'd have to write a morning coffee post each day? Best of luck. Any additional output from TOP is always a treat.

You don't even have to WRITE a post. I've heard that a picture is worth a thousand words.

My favourite thing is to get home on a Friday evening and yell as loud as I can, "IT'S THE WEEKEND". It makes me feel so good, how could I deny anyone that pleasure.

I have been enjoying the Morning Post a lot, thank you. But five a week is enough, you need the time off. If you take some time off and continue to write daily, you'll build up a stock of Morning Posts to use on days when the Muse is out ...

You have already veered off the reason to make morning coffee posts. It was to be a way to keep eyeballs with something to interest your readers. It now seems to be an occasion to display your angst regarding a major upheaval in your life.
My wife and I have moved over 10 times. You get good at packing. So don't worry. You will end up where you want and in the meantime give us 100 words or a photo of your alarm clock.
We'll understand.

> What would you like?

Three days a week, on M-W-F. This is dangerous! Don't overcommit. It's always a bigger burden then you think it will be. Give yourself breathing room.

5 mornings, and keep 'em short. I really enjoy the concept.

It's Saturday, relax.

I know this may sound daft, but would 'morning coffee' time not be a good time to conjure these short musings? Thereby creating the next morning's upload the day before? Plenty of time left in the day to edit/correct if you really need to, but the ideal time to sit and mull a subject lightly for a few minutes. The serious work can be done whenever you'd normally do it.

I also vote for five days being fair and seven because I always check, even when I KNOW there won't be anything yet - damned time zones...

Morning Coffee post for the times when you really don't want to do a regular posting. One need variety, one also will burn out doing a regular daily column on any topic after a period of time. So do the coffee bit when you feel it is required, by you. Not us!

Monday thru Friday. Write them whenever.... I don't read anything till 9am. Save the weekend for the really weird stuff....

The "nice things" about these morning posts are
numerous: they range far afield, they can be personal or documentary in nature, they can be long or short, they can be simple or complex. Therefore, I vote for you not mandating a set number/week. Be mutable, flexible, & subject to whimsy...ast least as TOP returns to its norm.

no stress...when you feel like it.....every other day or so

Mike, five morning coffees a week, added to the other regular posts, should be plenty!
I'm usually not one to tell other people to work less, but seriously, once your big move is done with and the new TOP HQ are up and running, you should start to aim at taking at least every other weekend off. Full weekends, not just Sunday. That should leave you time to relax, do stuff that you like, photography-related or not, and give your mind some time off that will no doubt make all that writing easier.

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