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Sunday, 03 August 2014


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I initially got a different meaning from the title: overuse of a camera slider when shooting movies. The cool thing is, both abuses can be equally bad, while appropriate use can produce excellent results. That makes "slidercide" a very versatile a broadly applicable term.

My bad. I thought "Slidercide" was referring to shooting slides.


Death by Over-saturation.

I'm working up to slidercide. I'm starting so suspect I under-use some of the sliders, and am working more to push them to "clearly too much" and then back off. After doing this for a while and living with the results for a while, I hope to know more about what I can / should get away with :-) .

+1 Kenneth Tanaka!

I'm obviously not spending enough time in the cyber-darkroom;-

My first reaction to "Slidercide" was that you'd dropped and bent the beam of your rota-trim paper guillotine!

(or somehow managed to get enough body-mass through it to stop life.....naah)


During a portfolio reading of a friend of mine, after saying for about the tenth time "You use too much the Clarity slider in Lightroom", the photographer making the reading suggested that next time, he should put a piece of american tape on the pc monitor to cover it...

[What in the world is "american tape"? Or should I ask? --Mike]

I saw it as meaning getting rid of all the old, faded Agfa CT18 or 60's Ektachrome slides that can't be rescued with Photoshop algorithms...., but maybe you even then shouldn't 'cos something sensational may be just over the horizon....

When was a child a 'Slider' was a slice off an ice cream block sandwiched between two wafers. Generally cost 3d or if your uncle was rich a big 6d one.
Slidercide/ Death from too much ice cream ?

At a recent art festival, my impression of all the photo prints on sale: "Wow, you pegged all the sliders!"

I try to restrain myself to +/-20, but I'm just virtuous... obviously that doesn't sell!

Is that like being on a slippery slope?

I think Ken should submit it to Google, Webster, Funk & Wagnall's, Roget etc.

Death by White Castle?

Most photographers don't commit slidercide with the intent to murder their images; they do it because of insecurity. They are like cooks that fear under-seasoning their food so much that they over-season it. But at least with sliders it's possible to back-off if you notice you've gone too far. The skill is in being able to notice.

Sounds like something that happens at a White Castle.

So for the anti-RAW it's JPEGCide...

Talking about new words, as a child my daughter Maggie invented the word Becase melding because and incase, we still use it in our family chat.

Of course in the previous century slidecide was what you wanted to do when you heard someone say "let me just dim the lights to show you my vacation slides..."

I guess I don't take my photography seriously enough, 'cause right away, I'm thinking overindulgence in White Castle!

Would HDRcide be a sub-category of slidercide?

It's a term that doesn't need any sharpening

Raw riles, indestructible edits. Lucky thing.

When I'm first working a new batch of photos it's often not immediately apparent if I've gone too far with a setting or not far enough. The beauty is I can go back as many times as I like, reworking, refining, trying something counterintuitive, or, if necessary, zeroing everything and starting over.

The sliders slide. Both ways. No biggie.

Slidercide sounds factual and neutral, and doesn't seem to have the undertones of opprobrium which sliderpraved or sliderenous convey ;-)

Not to be confused with "slidicide", which is the relentless destruction of slides after scanning because "hey, a good JPEG is 99% equal to the original!"

Slidicide happens often in home basements, public libraries, schools, and other institutions where shelves of carrousels have stopped spinning more or less useful sets of memories, art reproductions, geographical views, zoological samples, etc.

Usage is still split on the pronunciation, between SLAYDE-EE-SAYDE and SLEE-DEE-CEED.

"Slidercide" reminds me of something John Sexton said at one of his workshops years ago when talking about print density and contrast: "You don't know how far is far enough until you go too far." It seems to apply to most everything I do in the visual arts.

"Would HDRcide be a sub-category of slidercide?"

I was thinking HDarrrrgh!


Michel nails it, above, re: the last century.
If we're talking neologisms, I knew someone once who, when tripping, came up with the term "insperience" - as in, experience, but inside his head.

Very nice indeed. I also like my own term, "Inattention Deficit Disorder". :)

Slidercide should be the name of a new roller coaster. People could upchuck in oversaturated colours.

Not to rain on the parade, but typically the *cide prefix (compare homicide, genocide, suicide) designates the victim, not the implement. One wouldn't say knificide, IEDicide or AK47icide. The idea is good, though, and RAWicide, OOCide and JPEGicide come to mind.

I posted the new term "slidercide" and it's definition in a private photo group on Facebook thinking others would see the humor in it. I was wrong, instead I was attacked for being "critical of others vision and creativity."

This is an incorrect use of language (two languages?), the term prefixing "cide" refers to the vicitim of the murder rather than the means used to commit it: homicide = "murder of a man (homo)", regicide= "murder of a monarch (rex)" etc. so "slidercide" would be the murder of a slider not via a slider.

There's another - coined by a friend of mine: the "Saturati." This refers those who create a sort of photograph we all know quite well. (Think "illuminati," and then raise the saturation slider to 75... ;-)

Waiting until it appears in the Scrabble ditionary as an approved word...

I thought it meant he was ditching al his stored slide film.

Which begets neologues such as 'slidiots' and 'slidiculousness'.

Once a unique style has been developed a photographer has a 'slidentity'.

My personal pet peeve regarding digital photography...What a great word! But what do you call the individual that actually commits "Slidercide?" A colleague once referred to someone with a heavy Photoshop hand as a "Slider Jockey." I don't know if anyone has heard that name used, but I think it's quite appropriate.

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