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Sunday, 10 August 2014


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When sniffpetrol - another blog I'm addicted to - goes on holiday (I believe you call it 'vacation'), he sets up an automatic daily post from his archives to provide our daily fix. Just sayin'

I've certainly been wondering whether it's even worth checking in on the site some days. If that goes too far, people might not remember to come back later!

(And I didn't mention it to Ctein or vice versa; these are independent data points, this time.)

Morning coffee; afternoon tea.
No problem.

I love this idea, im having mike withdrawl!


Excellent idea. You may even find that the casual nature of the posts leads to some gems.

Looking forward to the Paris meetup tomorrow.

Post some photos of the move?

Just curious - what do you drink on Saturday mornings? :^)

[Heh. On Saturdays I sleep in! --Mike]

I check in no matter what. Twice a day. I think I know what a move can be, so I'm patient. Like John previously suggested, pictures of your new digs would be good, but don't go crazy. I'll take anything to satisfy my "Mike fix".

[I can't post pictures of the new place until I own it--have to respect the privacy of the current owner/occupants. Closing is scheduled for later this month. After that I'll be able to post pics. --Mike]

Easy for him to complain! He's going on vacation :)

Sounds good.

I check here everyday, sometimes multiple times, even when I know better (Saturdays for example).

Gives me something to do while I try to figure out how I'm going to replace my E-PL1 that stopped working the other day :( I have my Canon 7 loaded with BW400CN but getting it dunked and scanned takes away money I could use for a used E-PL1 and the cycle continues... Bleah. At least stopping here & finding something fun to read helps make up for it. Thank you!

Ctein has no reason to admonish you Mike, moving is very stressful and better if you complete as much as possible in the move you will settle earlier and not end up surrounded with boxes. Take the time you need, we will be here,,,always.

Coffee in the morning, specially if expresso is an excellent start. As it is reading your blog !| Thanks

A month.....a bleadin month.....my last move took 4 hours......you Americans own far to much plunder :-). Golden rule: If you haven't use something for more then a year.....it's probably still worth puttin' on Ebay. Wait another year and it's scrap (unless of course it's a Leica).

So I'm selling my GX680 with 4 lenses soon....50mm included. Not because I need to but because someone else might have more use for it.......and it;s cloging up space in my house. It was nice to have a technical camera but I'll rather use a lightweight 4x5 instead (no batteries attached).

Greets, Ed.

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