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Wednesday, 23 July 2014


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outstanding and funny ,
thanks for that Mike

Maybe she should've just decided to do backups instead.

There's something warmly reassuring in that story. The power of the print is, I believe, the true revelation of the beauty inherent in the photograph.


What will they think of next? : ]

A few weeks ago I noticed the marquee at a Walgreen's advertised "We print cell phone photos."

Maybe it will be the next new thing.

Well, for an iPhone user, doing something not connected with Apple probabily requires a lot of guts an an healty dose of craziness! What if the photo labs got a "virus" and put it in this "printed photos" the article is talking about?

Who knows, maybe there will be another hipster retro movement with photo prints like there has been with vinyl records!

If you place the prints side by side, you can actually swipe them with your finger, almost like using the phone's screen.

I did exactly the same thing with some reversed pictures I found in the basement. They looked like small prints, but somehow black was white and white was black. I sent them off to be be "printed" and the paper sheets I got back were normal looking. Not only that, but they were bigger. This is a great way to rescue pictures like this if you have any.

Ah, so The Onion-like!

I'll believe that when I see it in print!


And it reminds me how times are (and have been for a while) changing. This is from the biennial Nikon Photo Contest, which has been running since 1969:

In the last 10 years, with the wide penetration of digital cameras with video capabilities, the environment surrounding image-making has dramatically changed. Adapting to this change, the 34th contest was reconceived, changing its name and its structure, and it continues to evolve to create new standards and provide new opportunities for discovery.

All very fine, until you get to the submission rules:

Image data files created with any digital devices including smartphones, digital still cameras (including medium and large-format cameras). Images that have been retouched using software or by other means will be accepted. Retouched photography using camera app or photo editing app is also accepted. Both color and monochrome images will be accepted. We will not be accepting any entries taken on film. Scans of photographs taken by film cameras are not eligible.

Why in the world exclude me - a loyal Nikon F, FE, and COOLSCAN user - from this competition ??

I'm so glad that my confusion about prints was cleared up. For the longest time, I thought that prints were what our kitty-cats made on our car, or what our puppy-dogs made in the mud in the drive after it rained...;<)

With best regards,


I saw a sign, well a huge window sized banner actually, at a camera store during a recent trip back to New Zealand that said "Print 'em or lose 'em" with a picture of a smashed cell phone on the banner.

Shirley you jest!

A Sign of the Times: "Phone Photography Only"

Yesterday at the Art of the Tuileries Exhibition in Portland, Oregon.

R. Edelman said, "Who knows, maybe there will be another hipster retro movement with photo prints like there has been with vinyl records!"

Sorry to point out how un-hip you are, but the retro movement amongst some hipsters at the moment (similar to vinyl records) is actually the return of film photography! If you have any doubt about this watch this video episode from the Framed Network about Richard Photo Lab. It looks like besides breaking out my film cameras again I need to learn how to put on mascara.


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