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Friday, 18 July 2014


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The Keck print is just marvelous. Congrats on the new digs Mike. I hope the move goes well for you. The up side to all this, it gives me more time to decide which prints to send in. :-)

Received mine in the UK a couple of weeks ago, but you might like to be aware that it incurred an extra £18 in customs fees and handling charges on its way into the country. No big deal, but you might want to pre-warn buyers of this.

Love the picture though, and your post on frames for your Lincoln memorial print have really left me thinking about how to frame this one!

A big congrats on the new house and the move. I'm looking forward to more good TOP years.

How a "pre-warning" would be possible, even if Ctein shipped to all 206 different countries: a simple notice in the print sale post(s) to the effect that "prints shipped to buyers outside the U.S. may be subject to customs and other fees" — or words to that effect.

Unrelated to the print sale, but I wanted to add to Ctein's comment about peculiar import rules. Over the years, I have bought many items over eBay from US sellers who shipped to me in Canada. They were mostly in the $50 to $200 range and almost all were photographic hardware. Sometimes I got dinged for provincial retail taxes, sometimes for import duties that I never understood even when I tried to read the regs, sometimes I got charged zip. I could detect no pattern, so now I take the only sensible approach. I assume it's random.

I no longer believe that anyone knows what is going on.

Got my Keck Observatory print and wasn't surprised to see it was beautiful. Not surprised? Not the first print I buy that was made by Ctein and he truly is a master printer. Thanks for giving me a chance to own these!
Got the Mirror Lake print, too and it's stunning. Elegantly simple, technically impressive, great stuff. Only problem: I need more wall space to show it ;) Guess it's time for me to move to a bigger place. I take it you know the feeling...
Oh and before I forget, I assume you won't mind my sending you A4-sized prints for the contest? That's slightly wider than 11" but US-sized paper isn't sold here.

I, too, received my Keck Observatory print from Ctein, and as Thomas I wasn't surprised. But delighted about not only about the beauty of the image but also the quality of the print I was and still am. Perfect work!

Re. customs fees: Usually I get taxed here in Germany when the value of the item is higher than ~40 US$. This time I wasn't, but no reason was given (and I didn't want to wake up a sleeping bureaucrazy). But probably an addendum that each buyer has to cover eventual taxes might be the way to go - although most customers are aware of that fact.

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