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Wednesday, 16 July 2014


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BTW, the styling, as Matthew say, is Streamline, but may also be "Moderne", a moniker that's applied to a lot of 30's era streamline products and architecture...

The locomotive that you're probably looking for is an EMD E5 built exclusively for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. There's one preserved example at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL as part of their Nebraska Zephyr. It's fully operational and tours occasionally.

What's next...? Dogs playing poker?

[Dogs can't play poker. You always know how they're feeling! [g] --Mike]

And by the way, EMD is the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors, not General Electric.

[Fixed. Thanks Edd. --Mike]

It would almost be worth learning to play, to be able to use a table like that. Incidentally, does anyone else see the similarity in the locomotive windshields and projecting front to the eyes and snout of a dog? It helps if you crop so that just a square in the upper right hand corner of the photo is left.

Here's an Art Deco locomotive:


Damned I only played pool and biljart as a student but this pooltable looks as stunning as a Wurlitzer of the same era.....indeed streamline.

Greets, Ed.

For me, this is the height of style. It's sleek, glossy and mechanical, but the radiused curves add a humane element. And the Bauhaus love of simple geometric forms makes it all logical and comprehensible. There's a discipline and rigor that far exceeds today's post-modern "little of this, little of that" aesthetic.

Long live Streamline Moderne!

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