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Monday, 02 June 2014


Thanks for the hint. I've ordered my pair and hope you get your share.

My Sony A7 and I wish these were full frame, but then the prices would likely not be as favorable.

As a Zeissophile I am sorely tempted but the Fuji glass is so good I know it is only stroking my ego and depleting an already empty wallet, I'd be hard pressed to see the difference in my limited work.

That said Wowza, wonder if my wife is interested in a super duper father's day/ birthday/loves me or might split it making them 25% net, at which point I'd be in!

We'll see, but what a deal, that will also wake people up to one of the premier lens makers and lens designers in the history of photography and perhaps have them evaluate pricing in general and see if the volume can reduce costs while maintain Zeiss quality.

Maybe I could do a YouTube on how phenomenal they are?? :-)

Zeiss is clearly feeling warmth on its backside from Fuji (on the X platform) and, now, from Sigma (!). Zeiss dropping lens prices to stay in the game? Shocking!

According to the Fujirumors web site, this deal runs until August 31.

I can have an X-T1 with two Zeiss lenses covering ultra-wide and normal focal lengths for a bit over $2k?

I am an IDIOT for not buying these right now.

I'd really be hot & bothered if they offered an equivalent deal involving the ZM Sonnar 50/1.5 and any of the M-mount wides. That would do me in.

So basically you're giving us a round touit?

They're both good lenses, with the edge going to the 12mm. The 35mm 1.4 Fuji lens though just gives you more, and the extra stop matters in APS-C. The 12 is wider than the 14 so no real competition there.

I think Fuji customers will spend a lot on a good lens, but I sort of doubt that NEX-6 customers want to buy a prime that costs more than $400 or so dollars. I'm just not totally sure where these lenses fit in, considering all the options.

I hope the Touit enables a big improvement in productivity. Some really lazy people (me included) have habitually fallen back on the timeworn phrase "I will get it done but I just haven't got around to it yet".

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