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Tuesday, 10 June 2014


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Great, but what would you tell your brother about your latest thinking about Stereo/Hi Fi these days if he were so interested. As Gandhi said, "All men are brothers" .

Well done Mike, well done!

Do you ever watch snooker?

Gad zooks

I'm like the way you continue to never write about pool. I also hope you continue in the same fashion to never write about dogs, homes, cars... (In all seriousness, it's all context for your writing on photography.)

And if I ever watched pool videos, that would be one to watch.

"A pool shot... that no one alive could possibly pull off." Not only that, no one probably could even have thought of such a shot.

hah, you've never written off-topic Mike. From the Dynamic Range of Music, to observations of canine capers, to the Pre-Visualisation of Pool, you cover the art of photography, far removed from people who take themselves too seriously, or people who fixate on technical measurements.
Just keep on not-writing about pool and music.

I think you should launch PoolOnlineVideography (POV). Indulge both passions. That shot you referenced was, well, amazing doesn't even start to describe it. There were several other similar shots in that video....

Years ago, in college, I played snooker. I got beat almost all the time, but I also didn't sit down between shots, so I got to watch and learn....

Treat some of those shots as chess problems. Set them up, then try to knock them down. Then try again.....you'll learn a lot....

Dear Mike,

OK, so if I tell you I didn't read the column that you didn't write does that mean I did or didn't read it?

confusedly yours,


I'm sure that Scott was very appreciative of the link (as I would be had you written about it on TOP). Even by Efren standards, those two shots were amazing.

Any more pool highlights you're not going to share? My favourite cueing action is still Ronnie O'Sullivan's fastest-ever clearance - worth 5 minutes and 20 seconds of anyone's time, I reckon. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpeBugHSCnU

I enjoy watching a master craftsman at work. Amazing!

I find interesting (in light of the way TOP readers pounced on our Dear Editor) that we use the same term -- "shot" -- for a pool play and for a photograph. And to me (being a relative neophyte in both realms, billiards and photography) that everything Monsieur Mike says about the "Efren" could be applied to a superb yet improbable photograph: a "shot that you're trying for but that can't be made and that no one alive could possibly pull off, but that works anyway."

The title of this post reminds me of a sign on a (locked) door that leads outside (if it were to open) at my regular Sunday breakfast place (Shaka Brah, in Tacoma, WA, if you must know). The sign, a laminated 8.5x11 sheet declares "This is not an exit".

I have been variously tempted to sign it either J.P. Sartre, or R. Magritte.


Yes I second that 'not writing' about pool, dogs, audio, and anything else that isn't about the feeds and speeds of photography. Your writing is always enjoyable. Too much photo makes Jack and/or Jill dull.

Hey I just got a great idea for your next OT. Everyone could link their favorite sports clip that few people watch. No Soccer, football, baseball allowed. Just those non prime time sports. Here is my suggestion

Its Prefontaine in the 1972 olympics. I would never normally watch this kind of race but if you focus on Prefontaine and his effort and ultimate failure it is fascinating.

Mike, you need to add two categories to your archive list in the right hand column: "Mike on pool" and "Ctein on tea". And put them at or near the top of the list please. :-)

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