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Thursday, 12 June 2014


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Wonderful! Thanks so much for the update.

Butters must be quite the dog (and gentleman)!

I'm envious and you are very lucky to have such a loving companion.

Funny, literally as I am writing this, my companion cat Lucky (who has been featured at TOP), woke up, came over and gave me a nice cat rub.

He's every bit as psychic as I've known him to be...he must be tuning into my animal story happiness vibe.

"In dog poop news (now there's a phrase I've never typed before), "

actually Mike all news is dog poop!

To be fair, Bill, I remember being told in college one time just how much pet photographers get paid at large scale shoes like Westminister. It was many, many multiples of my college costs...

I'm looking forward to that video! Miss having a dog.

Butters sounds as though he is settling in nicely. Is he part lab? Labs are the most cheerful, loving and adaptable dogs. Looking forward to seeing the video!

[Hi Ann, We don't know, but I'm going to guess he is half lab. And probably a quarter pittie. The rest might be some sort of spotted dog, because he has a few very pale spots. --Mike]

To paraphrase from a National Geo special on dogs: "Our relationship with dogs is simply the best deal mankind has ever made." Our two dachshunds and our family agree.

A few decades ago, when relations between the US and the USSR began to thaw (oh, for the "good old days"), some American tourists returned infected with Giardia. They were said to have the "trotskies".

When I saw K-9 I thought Pentax had brought out a new Dslr. Then I realised you were talking about poochies. We just got a 14 month old Aussie Bulldog. House trained yes, but 37kgs with a puppy mindset. Eek! He is cute as though and, like yours, he's settling in well. It's even got my wife into photography again - she took this one with our K-5 and 43mm lens (which is permanently on the camera): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B18SA7LGdV5AaUtlT1lqN1huV0E/edit?usp=sharing


Saturday, Schmatterday... puppy picks don't count.

Fido -

The image of Buttars being dragged across the floor is hilarious! My three bichon frise pals (from the top, Maggie, Molly and Hamish):


He looks great, as does Fido!

He's just buttering you up so he'll be allowed to hang out in the billiards parlor. By the way, don't you agree two dogs are better than one?

[I do. They're great together. --Mike]

Been there, done that with Giradia- with the dog, I mean. I empathize with canine and master.

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