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Sunday, 01 June 2014


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You should have offered that Brewery shot in your recent help TOP move sale. It's better than anything that was offered there. Also, how about some "real" prints for the future sales? As in, gelatin silver, either color or black-and-white. Ink jet is just meh.

I like the photo of Jack Macdonough at work. After reading the post I went back to view the photo a second time and at first I though the window was too bright but then I remembered that my eye went directly to the photographer the first time and didn't even notice the bright window.

So there. Good photo. I do like the tonal range of the picture and I have to remind myself I'm looking at a 8 bit JPG image.

Really like the picture that goes with this entry.

Mike, the camera you used at the Pabst Brewery must've been very terrible indeed if it didn't come with a 1/4x20 socket.

I need an "advice on proper framing" guide to help with all these prints I keep acquiring. Keep up the great offerings, and eventually I'll get them up on my walls.

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