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Saturday, 07 June 2014


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Absolutely brilliant and thanks for posting it again. It again is very inspiring, and I hope you won't mind if I copy some of it sometime!

I have received my print Evening Winter and it is absolutely luminous. There is a depth to the print that is unimaginable when only seen on a screen. Another proof that printing is the ultimate form of the photograph. Thanks to Mike and Ctein. Now I want to take a course from Ctein on printing. Really. Where do I sign up? I have tried Mike's print a day program and made real progress. But when I see this print, I realize how much more there is to learn. Brandon Scott

While I have not astrally brought a print form one of TOP's offers I would suggest that you leave the sale time at 5 days or even extend it to 7 days

My print arrived today, just in time for your redux on the print sale concept. Excellent print, lovely work, kudos to you and Ctein both. Keep it going!

Let me start by saying that I really like this model as a way of getting great art sold to a large number of people. However, as with any model it is imperfect and I have a suggestion. The main thing that has held me back from buying one of these prints, at any price, is they just haven't resonated enough with my personal taste. I'm sure others agree too. What I think would be great is to have a mini online gallery with 20-30 candidates for future sales. Once enough interest is generated to make it worth it, an open sale occurs on that image. Eg 10 people pre-order, sale commences. This would also give you a real window into what kind of images the TOP readership really wants to buy.

Ain't the internet great?

I received my print of your "hands" image in the mail yesterday. It really is marvelous (and useful, and inspiring, and a little depressing) to see just how an expertly printed image looks.

Thanks for the print sales; I really enjoy them.

As an artist and constant "lurker" to this site who's becoming interested in photography, my suggestion is that you have a permanent gallery that every 2,3,4 months or whatever, orders for prints are tallied up and then printed, or a premium amount charged for on demand orders.

Great site by the way.

I'm sure you've seen that both Magnum and VII are trying similar things: http://pdnpulse.pdnonline.com/2014/06/photo-agencies-test-consumer-market-prints-t-shirts.html

It's nice to see this catching on!

Are TOP T-shirts coming next?

Our latest experiment is to try to downplay the sales and integrate them a little better into the quotidian flow of the site. . . [I]t should be a feature of the site, entertaining to check out even for those who aren't buying...

How about introducing a TOP print sale by a podcast embedded in the announcement post. The video would introduce the artist and a print of the photograph being sold (or samples of his work if the former is not yet available).

The podcast will be a mini "biovid" of both the artist and his work with you doing the interviewing and the narration. A follow-up podcast featuring the photographer (or Ctein) printing the picture and the print itself mounted in its frame, may also be embedded in the post print sale report.

A print sale podcast would be entertaining to TOP's readership, in and of itself. Taken together these podcasts would form the beginnings of a TOP video "channel" on current photographers and contemporary (21st century) photography.

Would it be possible for each print sale to have a unique reference, which is then referred to in blog posts and emails? E.g. the first of this year could be TOPPS14-1 (Space), the second could be TOPPS14-2 (Jones), with the words in brackets perhaps being an informal name of the subject or photographer. Just an idea as every time I see the words "print sale" I get my hopes up that it relates to the one relating to me. Thanks.

I have purchased from TOP print sales - all lovely, thank you. But 3 days will not be enough time for my - um - purchasing department to process a decision to buy (OK, OK, I am an indecisive shopper). Five days is barely enough. And when you throw in that I cannot access TOP every day - and time zone changes to Australia when I am able to read TOP - at 3 days, every sale will be finished before I have time to consider whether I should participate.

Please don't reduce the window of opportunity to 3 days. Otherwise, carry on.

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