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Friday, 13 June 2014


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Now if someone would only reprint Weston's "Daybooks."

Out of curiosity, which Steidl books have been substandard in your experience? Just so I can avoid them.

OK pre-order is in. Now we wait. This is one book I have always wanted to, at least, view, read whatever. I've never even seen the book and there were moments when I thought that maybe the book really didn't exist.

I forgot I did see the book once, under glass, at the SFMOMA when the Bresson show was there a couple of years back.

Funny, I was just wondering about this last night. Thanks for the heads up! Ordered via your links.

For those lucky enough to be in or near Paris this summer there's an HCB exhibition at the Pompidou Centre until August 2nd. It's reported to be excellent in an article in the London Review of Books last week (http://www.lrb.co.uk/v36/n11/gaby-wood/nothing-to-do-with-me — paywalled, unfortunately). The LRB article also reviews two books, ‘Voir est un tout’: Entretiens et conversations 1951-98 and Henri Cartier-Bresson: Here and Now, which appear noteworthy.

Apparently, it was a translator who decided that Images à la sauvette would become "The Decisive Moment" in English and Cartier-Bresson hated it: "It's got nothing to do with me!" was his appraisal to the "decisive moment" notion of photography.

This book is sure to appreciate ... in fact, it already has! I placed my initial pre-order with Amazon when it was priced at $80.87 and now it's $91.31, 13% increase!

Will it be available for my Kindle?


Done! thanks for the alert. Always wanted my own copy, hope the quality is there.

You are aware of the retrospective catalogue: http://www.amazon.com/Henri-Cartier-Bresson-Here-Clement-Cheroux/dp/0500544301/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1402684718&sr=8-1&keywords=henri+bresson+cartier


I wonder if the captions will be laid-in as in the original.

For once, I was onto a photobook I wanted before I saw it on TOP. If it's anything like Steidl's printing of Frank's "The Americans," it will be a treasure. I can't imagine Steidl would half-[butt] this kind of a project. I can't wait to see it.

Thank you, Mike. I have always wanted this edition, but could never justify the price per availability cost. I immediately linked to Amazon from your site and one-clicked my pre order. Thank you, thank you!

Funny how life works - I went to the Matisse exhibition at Tate Modern yesterday, where they had the original of the cover on show, and wondered if there was a modern edition available. Serendipity.

The Matisse exhibition is superb, even if not photographic. A man in increasing poor health, in his 80s, turning out work of such energy and life. And of course, showing what colour can achieve in the hands of genius. Well worth visiting if you're nearby.

Heck, if Bill Watterson is drawing comics again, anything's possible. http://preview.tinyurl.com/m32full

Done. Ordered through your link at Amazon.ca for $113, marked down from $125. I had promised myself that one book in would result in one book out; now I have some time to see if I can find one that I can send to the library book sale before this one arrives in October.

Dear robert e,

Holy S**T!

Y'know, I read those Pearls Before Swine strips and thought to myself at the time,"Pastis is a really good cartoonist-- he's doing a fairly credible imitation of Bill Watterson."

Fairly credible, indeed.

pax / Ctein

Thanks Mike for spotting this. Already have lots of HCB books, but this was mmissing. Surely will not find new images, but that cover is amazing.
Saw the exhibit in Paris, closed now and moving to Madrid and Rome. Gigantic, with tons of rarely/never seen prints. Majestic. The catalog is worth buying, too.

As a Canadian I wish there was a way you could affiliate with Chapters-Indigo.ca as well as Amazon.ca. For the health of the book industry, there must be competition.

Chapters currently offers The Decisive Moment for CA$82.50 (CA$78.37 if you sign on to their member program). Considering that the Canadian dollar is currently US$0.9210, that is a bargain. Amazon is selling TDM for CA$107.72.

Mike, I've been a loyal reader of your work since the Camera & Darkroom days, but I bought TDM at Chapters.

Ralph Gibson, if your viewing: reissue Darkroom; please?


My bad, but I'm not so thrilled with that cover!

Does this book have the picture with my older brother Jan in it? It's the photo of two young people kissing at an outdoor café table, with a dog looking on them.
He had been dead for a couple of years when I found the book, and my mother almost got a heart attack when she saw the picture.

Ah, here it is:



Before I had mentioned the decisive moment will be re-printed. : ) But I strongly doubt that HCB's plastic film had damaged for a long time. So it was very difficult to get the reproductions for his images.

We found out some HCB's books published in these years, the quality was pretty poor, included came from MOMA, Pompidou, TH, China Photography...so don't expect that Steidl / Pompidou to give the re-production instead of facsimile.

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