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Wednesday, 11 June 2014



Interesting post, Mike, as usual. Off topic comment: you've shed some serious pounds, dude. Congratulations!

"As we were discussing the variations, Jack called the waitress over and asked her opinion."

Lucky for us that Jack is a photographer and not a civil engineer ;-)

In the photo of yourself and the waitress viewing the prints, it looks incredibly sunny. Was that the optimal lighting for viewing the prints in? I would have expected somewhere less bright to be better?

[It's not ideal for appreciating and enjoying, but it's not bad for evaluating and examining. --Mike]

"..unprezzing programs.."? I have no idea what these are Mike.

[They used to be more common back when image sizes were smaller. Things like Genuine Fractals (now called Perfect Resize), Alien Skin Blowup 3, Photozoom Pro, etc. They're for when you want to print big at a given PPI but don't have enough pixels to do it natively. Photoshop and Lightroom now have the function built in and it's not so much needed now that we have cameras with so many more pixels, so they're not as important as they were in the first part of the 2000s. Tech. Ed. Ctein could add more if this is insufficient.... --Mike]

Hi jack,
You already have that 50mp sensor, but on a different body [the 645z]. You could eventually use the 67 lenses on it.

Dear Mike,

I believe Dennis was gently mocking your proofreading. The last "unprezzing program" I recall when when we managed to get rid of Tricky Dick.

As for "uprezzing programs," I investigated them a half-dozen years ago and wrote it up here:

"It's Bigger, But Is It Better?" Parts I thru III


What my investigations told me is that I don't particularly care about these programs. For the work I do, they are not so much better than Photoshop (when they are at all, which is not always) to engage me further. Reader should not ask when I'm planning on doing an update. I'm not. I only put in heavy research on questions that personally interest me or that somebody pays me to research. If anyone out there wants to fork over $500-$1000, we can talk.

pax \ Ctein
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