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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


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Hmmm. Seems like a new, perhaps more Ali-concentrated version of Satterwhite's 2009 book "Titans: Muhammad Ali and Arnold Schwarzenegger", eh?

I bought Al's first Kickstarter effort, a slip covered book about his visits with Hunter Thompson in Mexico. The photographs were great and the production was top notch. This is absolutely a project and a photographer worth supporting.

Glad to see this here, and kicking myself a little--I donated the other day, but it didn't occur to me to bring it to your attention.

We're fortunate to have such photos where he will forever live on as "The Greatest."

I gotta ask, what's going on with that contact sheet? Why are the sprockets varying in density? A light leak? In camera or in the developing tank?

I just visited the Ali museum in Louisville. It's a great tribute to a great man.

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