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Monday, 12 May 2014


Can I buy the entry to the competition for 125$ or do I have to pay for shipping that too :-)? (Just joking - not that I didn't like the current picture, but my budget was spent on the "Hands" anyway.)

I will remain crazy. Crazy suits my nature just fine. Good luck with your sanity.

>>How can you pass that up?!<<
It's simply a matter of differing taste -
1 I don't have any interest in the photo so I wouldn't want to buy a print.
2 Hawaii is so far down my list of possible holiday locations it's practically invisible.

Not crazy. Just can't afford it, either the print or the airfare to Hawaii. If I had the money to travel I'd visit my son in Texas. I don't know anyone in Hawaii, well only one person and we aren't close friends. As for a print sale, I'm open to it if Mike asks. I've submitted stuff when he did ask.

I understand the fundraiser for a new TOP headquarters, but when real estate vacation rentals enter the picture, it starts to sound a bit crazy on this end too. Somewhere between hokey and a sales pitch. But, I hope TOP gets a windfall from it all.

Ctein - Would you be willing/able to make prints for the winner of the Fall sale?

Six comments
Three suspicious of your motives and/or negative, one apparently insulted by Ctein, two somewhat off topic.

"Ya needs to have a sensk'a humiligration"

"And karma points!" Is it possible to buy Karma now? Cool.

Still not interested though. In fact, my interest declines in inverse proportion to the column inches devoted to fund raising.

Golly, it sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Honestly, I might pay $100 to try and get in a good print sale. I appreciate that photograph, but it's just not really to my taste. It's beautiful and I'm sure it's technically wonderful, but I have no emotional connection to it.

...but for a shot at a print sale... eh, it still seems like the wrong reason to buy a photograph.

Dear John,

Yes (subject to schedule coordination, of course). On Phil's sale and Mike's sale last month, I'm doing everything-- printing, order handing, bookkeeping and shipment. And I'll be doing the same for two more sales over the next 4-5 months.

pax / Ctein

That was all the nudge I needed.

The print does appeal. Hawaii doesn't.

One thought is putting me off these print sales, and that is that I should be printing out some of my own stuff, rather than buying that of others. So apologies for my lack of enthusiasm. But I will continue to contribute via Amazon UK links, and make the odd donation.

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