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Thursday, 22 May 2014


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Thanks for the post Mike, ghost stories are fun.

Thanks for that spooky story. Good for a campfire and a flashlight pointed up under the chin.

A fixer-upper that would be perfect for TOP headquarters ;-) Plenty of bandwidth available with the office buildings flanking it. Since internet sites are expected to be 24 by 7, could recruit a ghostly crew for the night-shift.

Is this new TOP Head Office? ;-)

The new TOP world headquarters, maybe?

I vote this place for "New TOP HQ".

Hey Mike! Can you buy it for cheap and fix it up for yourself. It should have a lot of room for an office.

Hmmm...I'm sensing that this post is really our first introduction to the future TOP World HQ. Hopefully the price is reasonable and it won't take too many more print sales to close the sale. Bonus: The house comes with unpaid interns to help around the office!

Sounds like you could get it for a song. New TOP World Headquarters?

looks like a fine place for the new T.O.P. headquarters

Hmm. Strongly reminds me George and Mary Bailey's house in It's a Wonderful Life.

Perhaps the ideal site for the new TOP HQ?

Looks like a nice place for the new TOP HQ. I wonder if the widow Wirtwerth has picked up any office assistant skills in her decades stuck in limbo.

I've said it before, but you really do have a way with the middle and low tones, Mike.

...sounds like a page from Wisconsin Death Trip...

Mike, it's staring right at you: TOP World Headquarters! Buy it for a song, do a bit of reno, and Bob's your uncle! If the ghosts get restless just put them to work. Or go for tacos at Taco John's down the street until they settle down. Do it!

I bet you could get this place real cheap, and it looks like it would be big enough for TOP World Headquarters, and I'm gonna guess that you wouldn't be particularly spooked by thoughts of ghosts...

This structure reminded me of growing up in Chicago in the '50's. When I was around 4 yrs. old, my father moved us to a neighborhood on Chicago's Westside near Garfield Park, Garfield Park conservatory and Lucy Flower High School which was in the next block from our house.

Lots of old mansions at the time. The house next door was a 3-story structure with a long driveway and what may have been stables converted to car garages. Anyway, the family I suspect were descendants of the architect Martin Roche. As kids, we mispronounced the name (Roach) but thinking back it was probably Roche. Why? Because the house occupied a huge lot, the structures I mentioned previously(stables) and several Packard and Ford automobiles from the '20's & '30's one in particular was a 1939 Packard Twelve Town car. That was a neat car. I've never seen one like it since.

Sounds like it could be had for a song. New TOP HQ perhaps?

Okay, so how many votes for TOP HQ does that make now?

And all along I thought the post was just supposed to be an interesting local lore ghost story to go along with an interesting photo of an old house.

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