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Wednesday, 28 May 2014


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Hi Mike,

I think you need to re-enter the clickable link for the "Protect Yourself PDF." As it stands it has piggy-backed TOP's address onto PhotoShelter's. As such it goes to a blank TOP page. When I removed everything before "www.photoshelter…" the address took me to the right place. (No biggie for them young whippersnappers, I reckon, but pretty damned computer-literate for an old geezer!)

-Fixed. Sorry. And thanks. --Mike]

I hate it when they want your email address before they will send you something that is loaded with advertising. Yet another source of spam. Would be better if someone could put it on their website so we can download it without any strings attached. I have an email account I setup for just such things but what a bother.

What's PhotoShelter? Photoshelter hosts my portfolio: www.photos4u2c.com. They make it easy to sell prints and license images. They handle the credit cards and printing. You sit back and collect money. How's that for advertising?

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