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Sunday, 04 May 2014


I'll stick my neck out and take a guess - the image has to be Kenneth Tanaka's "Man on Ice".

I am pleased to see that you have decided to hold out for the new house. Based upon your descriptions, I had formed the opinion that this would be far and away the best option for you, but I had not said anything because there might have been other, unmentioned, factors that would have altered that decision - plus I seldom feel comfortable telling someone else what to do with their life.

- Tom -

Glad you've decided to keep pushing for the higher goal, looking forward to seeing the next offering!

I hope the cue did not remain in that position for too long! (it looks like it might be a nice one)

Who cares? It's your time your table in your room.

I use to play pool and was getting pretty good at it while I was growing up and through my early twenties. Then I married a guy that said "No" to a pool table in the home. Today would have been our 29th anniversary, but I bailed out at year 23. I recently started shooting pool again, and I would not mind having a table in my home if I could accommodate the space. Florida homes do not have basements! Enjoy your table, and I understand Ann's regret for loosing hers and the usefulness it served.

When we got rid of our pool table, we put it on craigslist, and a guy who has a pool table business came to look at it. It was only worth about as much money as it would cost to move it, but his girlfriend took a liking to it, so we gave it to him for free and he brought a crew of guys to haul it over to his basement. In the process of moving it, at about hour #4, they broke the slate in half. So he ended up paying 4 guys for 5 hours to move a table to the dump. It turned out to be a very expensive free table.

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