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Monday, 05 May 2014


Good question. Maybe PROOF?

Or the big picture?

Is there one?

What I meant to say in my previous comment is that over here in Blighty I don't know of any magazine that fits the bill let alone a 'best'.

Polka Magazine: http://www.polkamagazine.com/25/le-mur
And it has the advantage of being in French...

If online magazines are allowed, then I think Burn is wonderful: http://www.burnmagazine.org/

There are so many niche,specialty,subculture magazines that have incredible photography. Something like surfer Magazine for example. But honest to god broadbased photojournalism? Maybe I have an unrealistic epectation of what should apply by current standard but honestly, what's left? Does Nat Geo qualify? shrug...

I don't wish to sound nationalist but here in the UK, possibly the British Journal of Photography?

I would argue that no print magazine is publishing any photojournalism of note any more and that the best is going straight to the web.










Oh and I forgot


I often visit Foto8: http://www.foto8.com/live/
Not a magazine of the paper variety however.
They claim to be the home of photojournalism. This claim seems a little grand but nevertheless the quality seems good to my dull eyes and certainly different to the NY Times and NPR offerings.

Being francophone from Canada I truly enjoy Polka, which somehow has survived so far...

It's a paper magazine published every 3/4 months, and they don't even seem to have a PDF version. It is all in French, but browsing through the different stories will give you a good idea of what it is.

from "just up the road," LensWork.

[I'd disqualify that one from the question at hand. Definitely a fine art magazine overall, not a photojournalistic one, even though they occasionally do feature an arguably photojournalistic portfolio. Great magazine, though, you're right about that. --Mike]

Online Foto8 is pretty interesting. The FT magazine in the UK has some good photography.

Nat Geo, but that is also in "trouble" of sorts. As an old photojournalist, I am sad to say that most of the venues are fast disappearing.
It's a lost art from the standpoint that there are more so called photojournalists with iPhones than working journalists.
Mt two pesos.

[Why is it "in trouble"? --Mike]

The New York Times, definitely. Their Lens blog is a stunning daily dose of PJ work from around the globe.

More than just a magazine (or strict photojournalism), both Private and Daylight deserve enthusiastic thumbs up!

I'd like to nominate "Das Magazin" - the weekend supplement of the Tages Anzeiger from Zurich, Switzerland. (There is an online version, and a blog)


The print version is for me in the tradition of the printed supplements of the 70's and 80's. I always look forward to it on Saturdays. Cultured approach to photography and great collaboration between article content and images

For photojournalistic essays, the New York Times "Lens" website is filled with substantial, powerful work. Also The New Yorker magazine's website "Photo Booth".

And of course, the New York Times daily paper is littered with fine photojournalism.. the photos that give powerful impact to the paper's articles.

Does the Chicago Sun Times have a magazine supplement? No, wait. No photographers.
(Is that still true?)

I can not think of a better outlet for contemporary photojournalism and documentary photography than David Alan Harvey's Burn Magazine.

Does this include e-magazines?

Occasionally the NEW YORKER has a redeeming photo essay, but it's a strong qualification!

Travel photojournalism see the magazine:

How about:


The Atlantic Monthly's "In Focus" and NYTimes Lens blog. Two great places to go...

Magazines are ok, but the real action is in books. The digital era has produced the golden age of photojournalistic photobooks. Neat, huh?

NPPA News Photographermagazine.

Not always great but it keeps up on what the state of the profession is these days.


Howard Owens mentioned Sports Illustrated ... A Photo Editor has some pictures that illustrate that beautifully.

I strongly recommend LFI (Leica Fotografie International). Really interesting reportage with beautiful photos.

Macleans magazine in Canada has recently started to include a weekly 2-3 page photo essay on various topics, from scenic locations to riots. They do a year-end in pictures issue too.

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