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Thursday, 08 May 2014


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Franz Gertsch is worth a look in the respect. He seems to me to really take the photographic original as the starting point, and not the photographic subject. Rendering depth of field effects for example. Too literal? I don't know, but his works are very interesting to see in the flesh


"The Politics of History: A Retrospective of the System" which reminds me of some reading assignments I had in college.

"Queering Sustainability: Deconstructing Interactivity"

Some great project ideas in there...

This reminds me of Brian Eno's "Oblique Strategies".

"Fantastic Rubbish: The Photography of Change"

Scary part is that I want to remember that in case I ever do get a show; it would be a good theme to work with :)

I have a (real) exhibition on at the moment. The title is "Out of Time (Memories of the Neolithic)" which was as pretentious as I could reasonably manage.

But "After the Ground: Defying Dysfunction" - which is what I got from the title generator - is frighteningly appropriate.

I'd identify as G rather than Q in the standard initialism of sexuality, but nevertheless I am both disturbed at the serendipitous meeting of randomness and psychological insight in, and yet incongruously approving of, "Queering Gaming: Figuring Social Practice". Story of my life, mate.

For the street photographer with a new camera ...

The Real in (Re)Presenting Nonspatial Representations: What does this Button do?

International Art English is a bit of a bad joke but you know you have it right when it "sounds like inexpertly translated French".


"The Bureaucracies of Imagination: Deconstructing Too Many Dinner Parties."
How the hell did they know?

"The Politics of Banality: A Juried Show of Too Many Dinner Parties"

Seems about right...

If you're into conceptual mashups, it's hard to beat Nietzsche Family Circus.

Remixing Extravaganza: Queers and the System

[.....plenty of scope me thinks! ;-) ]

[By the way Mike - any news on the TOP Book project?]

"Decadent Extravaganza: A Juried Show of Dilettantism" (How appropriate!!)

My next show in real life is titled "Stochastic Spirals", at the Ocean City Center For The Arts in Ocean City Maryland, opening June 2.
This group of paintings is part of a larger project I am working on titled "Flowcharts For Soft Computing".

Mine was "To Find the Properties of Rubbish: Media Art and Urban Experience," which kinda/sorta fits, actually.

"Arbitrary Dilettantes: Locality and Social Practice"

Guess I need to find some local arbitrary dilettantes to hang with. (Pun semi-intentional)

"Fantastic Charm: Cheating Damage"

Ah, if only.

Romancing Sustainability: John Waters and Too Many Dinner Parties

I'd better start hanging with some of those dilettantes at their parties.

Dennis's comments about the possible importance of two-syllable brand names makes me think he might be on to something.

However, Panasonic might not be that hopeless or clueless. In North America, Panasonic branded its audio equipment as "Technics" and its CRT-based TV sets as "Quasar". (But its flat screen sets are called Viera. Not good.)

And really, the Panasonic brand for cameras is Loo Micks, not Pa Nuh Sah Nik.

Dear folks,

A bit of etiquette, here, following up on Marc's remark.

Speaking as one who is "Q", you don't say "queers" not unless you're trying to be hostile and offensive . It's an epithet. Not as bad as calling people "faggots" or "n#gg#rs," but bad. It's OK as an adjective, not as a noun.

Kind of like the difference between talking about trans men or women and "trannies." Capiche?

Language is funny that way. Small changes make big differences.


pax / Ctein

P.S. Oh, and just so it's clear, I **know** no one here's throwing that word around, and i'm not taking offense -- it's the result of the random title generator. Just a heads-up that what it generates might not fly in polite discourse. (Much humor doesn't.)

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