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Sunday, 18 May 2014


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If you are feeding LuLu high quality grain free food, such as Merrick (some) or Orijen, you can swap them out without the transition period from food to food (unless your dog ihas a very sensitive stomach). The main reason dogs have a hard time switching between dog foods is related to the different grain profiles in different kibble. Since dogs don't normally eat grain much in the wild, it takes them a bit to get used to a certain food and when you switch foods quickly it screws up their digestive system.

With grain free food, this is not a concern since there is no grain...usually things like potatoes are used as the binder.

Merrick makes really good cat food as well. We've been feeding it to our cats for years now. My wife has convinced me that dry food food for cats is harmful. Hot tip: if you buy a lot of animal food (we buy five cases of Merrick a month for our three cats) you can "subscribe" to the food via Amazon and get a discount.


You needn't say more, just post a photo of the new dog.

... when you met Louise who was shopping for kennels for her dog, that got along just fine with Lulu. You talked for a bit and you find out she loves photography, collecting cameras, jazz, dogs, good sushi, good coffee, playing pool, a well-off widower who is single, and here's the kicker: she's a great hairdresser and owns her own salon.

And everyone lived happily ever after, etc. etc.


p.s. Do I get a prize for the most creative ending?

Dog barber cut and wash shop -

Uh Oh.. Merrick is a nice food, it is one of the foods in my dog food rotation (big subject). Two dogs are fun. I like that you like dogs.

Mike, two dogs are better than one. We have a dignified senior, 40-pounder, Heinz 57, in our family. We rescued her from a shelter in Boston. ... Yes, she barks with a brogue. Then, after migrating to Central Florida some years later, I began photographing dogs on commission. As it turned out, my best customers were ones with Wiener dogs. ... And, my best friend here has a pair of Wieners. I convinced my wife to let me contact some Wiener dog rescue organizations. In keeping with our philosophy of only rescuing mutts, we managed to find an eleven-pound Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund. He's bossy, barky, a bit neurotic, and totally silly. It is great having a mini-pack around. Singularly and as a duo, the dogs are great fun. We've learned that dogs come in pairs--two are better than one.

I can also highly recommend Drs. Foster and Smith adult dog food. Our Lab has been eating this for about three years now, and has really done well on it. And he likes it. A bit less expensive than the Merrick dog food, and seems to be a very similar kind of product.

You do realize that dogs are telepathic, right? Some of them read email by telepathy?

So Lulu told the dogs at the shelter 'really good soft touch coming, and I'd like a playmate, look extra friendly and cute!'

And they turned their Human Whisperer powers on you...

(I have a friend who claims that almost all dogs are Bryan Whisperers...)

You can never "just look" at the pet shelter......
How is the new dog settling in?

Puppies are to be avoided at all cost, unless they already possess a human slave.

A british politician [Enoch Powell for those who know or care] was once asked by his barber how he would like his hair cut... "In silence," was the famous reply.

My dad has 'rescue' animals as pets. The cat trained the dog to get my dad to go into the kitchen and open the back door, so that the cat could come in without the terrible indignity of actually having to use the catflap.

It took less than a month for the cat to train the new second dog (and so my dad) to do the same. The dogs will go to anyone, the cat avoids nearly all visitors, but comes to me. That pleases me more than I can explain.

We have two dogs and three cats. I'll hold off judgement until you acquire your sixth pet.

I could never ever go to the dog shelter as I would want to bring them all home with me. At the very least one would capture my heart and I would have to rescue it. So I can see where this story is going.

Grain isn't very good for dogs - the best thing I ever did was start feeding mine the grain-free Merrick.

Seeing such positive results in the dogs got me interested, and I have totally cut out all wheat, and most grains, in my diet,and have never felt better.

A dog? That's all?

My last cutter was very pleasant to look at*, very easy to talk to and had a pet - a large boa constrictor.

Of course, she was decades younger than I and had an age appropriate boyfriend, but that was really all to the good.

When she left the shop, I quit, going the old guy ponytail route.


* What one might call 'smokin' hot'.

Just another GOOD REASON to have a bigger TOP headquarters!
I cannot wait to hear the rest of the story ...

I have been lucky enough to have had the same barber since 1984. As you can see Stan is kind of amazing for 82.


We feed our dog Fromm, which is actually a WI company. Plus he gets multivitamins and fish oil tablets everyday as well (more regularly Than I take them).

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