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Sunday, 25 May 2014


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Nice pup--red nose and light-colored eyes. It looks like he may have a tad wee bit of the pit DNA. The term "pit bull" really applies to one of several slightly different breeds.

The saying "dogs choose us" has some merit. Every dog we've ever taken in selected us by displaying sociability, good manners, nice appearance, a sweet lick and a casual wag o' the tale.

I wish you and your new pack all the best. Two dogs are better than one. We're about ready to test out the three dogs are better than two concept.

Well, this is a great story, too, and Butters is just beautiful. He looks so happy in the photograph of your walk. You're very lucky to have two wonderful companions.

I've never seen a dog with such green eyes before...striking.

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I am the proud father of a rescue pit bull and he is the best dog I've ever had. I also volunteer for several rescue groups, including a couple which transport dogs from kill shelters in the deep south, to adopters and rescue groups in the northeast. I am constantly amazed at just how family ready so many of the dogs are. There's nothing wrong with them, no behavioral issues, they're just down on their luck and need a break. Good job giving your two that break.


"I've never actually been through formal training with any dog, so I'm sure to learn a few tricks and get some "training" myself."

You are correct. Training is about "training the trainer", not so much the dog. Having rescued and provided a home for some 11 English Cockers in the past 15 years (curently 6 in residence) getting out and training has been paramount for myself as much as them.

Congratulations on taking in Butter...

Wow, wonderful. Great story. I sure miss having a dog. Maybe again one day. Lots of wags and walks, have fun!

We've only had rescued dogs; currently we have two including our third greyhound. It's a great way of selecting the right companion.

This is the start, for you all and Butters, of a beautiful friendship.


He's got a good face, Mike.
Congratulations to both you and Lulu!

How wonderful for everyone, and he sure is a good looking dude! His name is a bit of a surprise. I have a friend that has a Pomeranian named Butters and my uncle once owned a mountain lion named, Buttercup, (my uncle owned and trained lions for Hollywood way back in the day), but both are/were females. I guess Butters is a soft kind of guy. Well if ya'all lived a bit closer, there would be toys and cookies served to Queen Lulu, Prince Butters, and the other guy. Congratulations, and I am so happy for Butters.

[Thanks much, darr. I think the name comes from his coloring--he has large, very faint brownish spots on his back which might darken in time. The trainer, Leann, actually requested we not change his kennel name, because he had learned so well to respond to it. Asked and granted! --Mike]

Is this story further proof that dogs choose their owners? If Lulu chose you and Butters likewise then they have a great deal in common and are bound to be good friends.

Great Mike. Happy to see you have a new family member. Also, it's good to see spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin.

Looks like a great dog. Congratulations!
Xander sure has grown up. I remember him as a teenager serving us at that Japanese restaurant a few years back at the TOP regional get-together.

What a face! Those eyes and that "smile" (or "frown") are lethal. And what a terrific name, "Butters"!

Congrats on your new addition. (Now you need even MORE space, eh?)

Wonderful and happy story, Mike and the Johnston pack!

Is that Butters short for "Butter wouldn't melt"?

Labs (and most Lab mixes) are big soppy dollops that have bull-in-a-china-shop enthusiasm but bottomless gluttony. They are the frat-house party animals of the dog world.

Great that Butters and Lulu get along. She probably feels a little maternal streak, given that he's still a puppy and not territorial.

A cautionary tale though. If he has lab tendencies, he will have a very catholic palate and eat just about anything, from manure to rat poison.

Congratulations to all! It's wonderful to see the pictures of the very handsome Butters--and lovely Lulu, of course--and to hear that everything has gone so smoothly. We have 2 shelter dogs of our own, along with a formerly-stray kitty cat who adopted us last fall. I really believe that rescues recognize how lucky they are and are extra-appreciative. Best of luck to all of you, and I hope we get to see many more pictures of Butters and Lulu. (Really nice to see Xander, too.)

Yay! Hello Butters, welcome welcome. :)

What a sweetheart! Good on you and Xander for adopting him - he sounds like a good one. We are serial adopters ourselves, currently on Greyhounds 11 and 12.

What a great story. Congratulations and best of luck to all concerned!

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