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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


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I've just started to mine the plethora of incredible images to be found within the Acsinte archives- some of them ironically "enhanced" by the surreal effects unfortunately caused by their improper storage. I hope Mr. Popescu gets fully funded for his monumental effort to save these incredible images.

Would be great to have some on demand service publish one's personal favorites into book form.

Thank you again, Mike, for your support of Costică Acsinte project.

I second the vote for the New55 Kickstarter. I really enjoyed shooting Polaroid Type 55 in the past, and would really like to work with a similar workflow again in the future. Unlike many Kickstarter campaigns that are simply pre-sales of a product in this case the project is really trying to Kickstart a production line with very large up front costs. So you have to ignore the cost per sheet in the campaign, and look at this as an investment in the future.

Thanks very much Mike !
They're still $115,000 short but anything helps, I guess.

Figure this nice Kickstarter trio :
Wanderlust TravelWide 90 (funded)
Lumu lightmeter (funded)
New55 sheets (backed by me at least)

You've got amateurs wanting film cameras, for sure !


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