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Saturday, 05 April 2014


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Please, share the chair tip. My back is killing me, but so is my budget.

["Office Furniture Resources on Brown Deer Road at 87th Street [in Milwaukee] sells reconditioned Herman Miller, Steelcase and Knoll office chairs." That's from Art. --Mike]

You need one of those thermometer graphics!

eBay will suck up your money with fees. FredMiranda is a better place to sell a D800 and serious glass. Good luck.


Why not use fredmiranda.com buy/sell forum for camera and lens sales? Very low annual dues and no seller or buyer transaction fees, and you would be dealing with a very good and knowledgable crowd.

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It sounds like that desk would make a fine enlarger support, especially if you are making huge prints.

However, when it's out by the kerb put a sign on it, 'For sale, $30' and it will be stolen by dawn the next day. : ]


RE: The desk. I had an enlarger table of similar style and vintage - war surplus. Somebody had stripped off the old top and I replaced it with masonite. Thing was HEAVY. Did not vibrate, period. I could play music as loud as I could and dance around during a long exposure, and no hint of it in the final print.

RE: Miata. Congratulations! I predict that you'll be trolling for a used Scion/Subaru rear drive coupe soon, if you haven't started already...

My folks had a desk with a typewriter thingy like yours and a typewriter that sure looked like that (the 1950s).

Borrow a Sawzall and the desk can make the trip to the curb in pieces. I had to disassemble my father's surplus desk-with-typewriter-compartment when clearing out his house.

Congratulations on hitting Level 3! For what it's worth, I support the idea of multiple fund-raisers, because I'd really like to see you get the larger house.

I learnt to type on a typewriter similar to that one, except this was my mum's old "Imperial Model 55", a huge monster covered in crackle paint. This is why I've disturbed my colleagues when i had an old IBM Model M keyboard which made a lot of noise as I bashed away on it, and why I really really HATE modern Mac keyboards which have no heft to them...

I had a desk exactly like that. I threw it out about 15 years ago, with a lot of help to move it out to the dumpster.

A little over ten years ago I was suffering from cervical stenosis and typing at the computer keyboard on a desk at work was excruciatingly painful. A client of mine said her husband had the same problem and he purchased a Bodybilt brand ergonomic office chair and it eliminated his pain when typing. My employer wasn't about to pay $850 for an office chair for me so I shopped around and found a used one for $125 at an office furniture store and paid for it myself. It was a life saver for me. I'm retired now and have it at home but it's breaking down. Need to look for another used one.

Boy, am I relieved that the Miata is gone.

I wasn't aware you had the 58/1.4 Nikkor and I'm curious about your opinion concerning that lens. Did you post your impressions?

[As with a lot of equipment these days I just don't have enough time to get to know it well enough to write meaningfully about it. As you know it takes time and work to arrive at a point where you have any real insight. "I have it and I've used it" is about all I can say so far. Sorry! --Mike]

I think multiple fundraisers is the right approach. Save the money and get what you really need. That may not be the full new house, but expanding the office to 250sf would be a huge improvement.

As far as office chairs go, I finally broke down (almost literally as my back was in severe pain) and bought an Aeron chair. Best $800 I've spent in a while. Now sitting doesn't cause pain, and in fact I find that if my low back hurts, sitting in the chair actually helps. The only downside is I find it harder to remember to get up to stretch and move, which is very important.

Re: the old desk, "humblepride?"

I'm glad you are getting the chair! Fantastic!
I've suffered from lower back pain in the form of back spasms for some time, and I finally learned that it was aggravated by weak supporting muscles in one direction, and strong ones in the other. The solution is to do reverse situps, basically. Lie on your belly, and use your back muscles to lift your shoulders off the ground. It feels weird, but seems to help, since it is the exact opposite of the flex you do when you sit in a chair.

Fundraiser #2 suggestion: A book of TOP's greatest hits... maybe 20 or so of your best/favorite columns. It would be relatively easy to do on one of the publishing on demand sites, no investment required. You could even include relevant pictures that are your own or which you could easily secure the rights to use.

My congrats to Larry G., who has broken my heart by buying my dream Miata before I could assemble the scratch to do it.


That typewriter tray would have been just the place to put your UPS (you do have an uninterruptible power supply, don't you ;)
Those lead acid batteries in the UPS should be about the right counterweight!

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