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Saturday, 12 April 2014


The latest version of ACR is only supported by the currently available version of Photoshop. So if you have CS6, you can't get it, you would need CC.


Apparently Adobe has had problems with this release candidate so they released a stand-alone ACR 8.4 plug-in. Try this link: http://helpx.adobe.com/bridge/kb/acr-84-bridge-cs6-metadata.html



The download site file information for the DNG 8.4 describes it as "Camer Raw and DNG Converter 8.4".

Updated through check for updates within CS6 (Mac user).

It should have just come up in the Adobe Updater in your menu bar (it did for me).

Probably not available as standalone update. But you can update through the "Help" menu of Photoshop CS6:

Photoshop > help > updates.

When you click on the triangle from the the Camera Raw 7 update you will see the Camera RAW 8.4 checkbox (sorry, but I'm not native speaking english - I'm Dutch)

Best regards

Hans den Boer

If you go to the help menu and click Updates, it should find it.


plug in http://helpx.adobe.com/bridge/kb/acr-84-bridge-cs6-metadata/_jcr_content/main-pars/download/file.res/Camera%20Raw.plugin.zip


What I did was open the program, open Help, then click on Updates. It downloaded the update. That is in Windows but I couldn't image it being different on a Mac.



You might want to try this link: http://helpx.adobe.com/bridge/kb/acr-84-bridge-cs6-metadata.html


Are you still running Mac OS X 10.6.8? If so, it won't download as it requires 10.7 or higher.

Here is the current solution and fix. They're also working on a better solution than having to manually install. http://helpx.adobe.com/bridge/kb/acr-84-bridge-cs6-metadata.html

Um, I don't know, because I have CC and the Updater; however, thanks for reminding me!

(Could it be an update that you can initiate from an Update menu option somewhere in PS?)

Open Adobe Updater; it will download the upldate automatically


http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/thankyou.jsp?ftpID=5738&fileID=5782 says "Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter 8.4". There are no new features, just camera profiles, so it is possible they're one and the same.

I believe that that download (for DNG ) is what installs the ACR update as well. http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5738

I used the Adobe Application Manager.

While in Photoshop go to Help/Updates...

It should show you what updates you have not yet downloaded and installed.


In my case, launching CS6...clicked the "Help" menu and selected "updates". Clear sailing from thereon.

Thanks for pointing out it's available.

Hi Mike:

Try here:


Hope that works!



I'm a Photoshop CS6 subscriber, and Camera Raw 8.4 is there in the Application Manager on the top right of the menu bar.

Mike, open Ps. From the pull down menu (Menu bar at top of screen) select Help / Updates. Cheers

both act and dng

I had to navigate to this page a roundabout way.


the same file allegedly includes ACR and DNG converter

I was notified of the update automatically by the Adobe updater when I booted up my laptop on Thursday morning. What followed was three hours of frustration. See http://calvinpalmer.com/?p=1373.

Have you tried clicking on Update in the dropdown menu under Help in either Adobe Bridge or Photoshop CS6?

Looking at the product updates on Adobe's website, it would appear Camera Raw 8.4 is included in the DNG Converter 8.4 download, given that the file size is 203.0MB.

I am no expert but I hope this information steers you in the right direction.


Try the link on this page: http://blogs.adobe.com/crawlspace/2011/03/keeping-photoshop-up-to-date.html#notconnected

Mike-I found it with a google CS6 raw upgrade search, but you need Mac OS 10.7 or earlier.


Look at the comments at the end of this page. Others are having issues with this update:


Peter Barber

Raw is included with the DNG converter you mention. It will install automatically.

The DNG converter linked here should also include Camera Raw:


I think people who like Fuji (I include myself) could be called Fujians.

I'm torn. For the price of an X-T1 you can buy two Sigma DP1s, or all three if you count the cost of a good lens for the X-T1.

With a K-5 and an E-M1, do I need another camera? Nah. Do I want one of these? Yes. GAS, unfortunately.

When is Fujifilm going to become just 'Fuji"?

Well . . . . . Be Aware; This update does not work with Snow Leopard. 8.3 was the last version that supported Snow Leopard. I have spent all afternoon trying to get Raw support back. It installs the plugin but it photoshop does not see it. Should have left well enough alone, as they say.

If this whole posting isn't a lesson in why anyone who doesn't have to shoot digital for business reasons should just go back to film, then nothing is...

You've gotten all the help you need to find the latest rev of ACR.

Just a note: Lightroom 5.4 was just released last week and it also supports the Fuji X-T1.

My guess is from your query you still haven't migrated to Adobe Lightroom. My recommendation would be to strongly consider moving to LR for managing and converting your RAW files. It's workflow is much more efficient for photography than Photoshop and you won't be making destructive edits to your files.

Regarding ACR and LR converting Fuji RAW files: both do a capable job for the most part, but still can be challenged with rendering repeating subtle textures or fine detail like foliage, grass, leaves, animal fur, etc.

If you want to truly see how good Fuji RAW files can look, I'd recommend using Phase One's Capture One or Iridient Developer, with the nod still going to Capture One. Actually, Capture One does the best RAW conversion for any camera I've shot with, not just the Fujis. There's an entry level version of Capture One that sells for $99, IIRC.

I downloaded the DNG converter, but after doing so, Bridge would no longer give me previews of Leica Monochrom files. I did a fresh install of CS6, which I had on disk [probably the last time this will happen] and previews of files are restored. I am mainly interested in being able to read XT-1 files, as this may be my long lens choice [seems like a great balance between size, weight, file quality], so will follow these comments closely.

You will probably know that in ACR 8.4 you can find under 'Camera Calibration' the Fujifilm (literally, in this case) profiles that Adobe developed in close collaboration with Fuji. I am not particularly interested in the color film profiles (though that may change), but the monochrome profiles, and especially the +Ye (yellow filter) one, come so amazingly close to my personal Nik Silver E.P. settings, that from now on I might well go to Nik only for selective adjustments and the occasional image border.

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