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Saturday, 12 April 2014


I thought as much. Otherwise I imagine you would have mentioned Sony's announcement of the A7s, as I'm guessing the idea of a small full-frame body with such a low pixel count and impressive sensitivity would appeal to you in a number of ways. They do seem to be on a bit of a roll lately, and in a very un-Sony-like way.

[But I did mention it. In the post "Fuji X-T1: Size (A Few More Thoughts)." Did you miss that? --Mike]

All those excuses... we know the real reason. You are playing with the Fuji and having too much fun.

Since you gave me featured comment and a link to my blog all is forgiven.

This post made me wonder about your comment moderation.

Do you find it necessary because of spambots sending in nonsense, and/or do you do it so you can keep abreast of what we are saying to you - past that how often do you actually have to moderate comments from real humans?

I am curious because you seem to have built up a pretty well behaved audience [though maybe this is because you filter out the badly behaved commenters].

[It's mainly that I just read everything, in order to discover anything that might be problematic, and to select "Featured Comments," which are really just a sort of digest of comments for people who only want to read a few and won't delve into the comments section. I do learn a lot from commenters--I'm sure you've seen that the comments sometimes provide most of what's interesting about the posting. I agree that most of our commenters are great--not only are the great majority of the comments intelligent and cordial, but if I have to edit a comment, people are usually extremely understanding. Probably the main problem is just that comments come in day and night in a neverending stream, and I have to keep on top of the moderation constantly. There are time when I've taken half a day off and found 50 comments or even more waiting for me when I get back to it. That's not usual, but it certainly happens. If I slack off, it's easy to get inundated.

Certain topics will generate a much higher percentage of problematic comments (anything controversial or polarizing, for instance) and some kinds of things tend to elicit longer comments, which can make for more work. I will admit that there are even a few occasions when I've decided against a certain post, because I know it will stir up too much trouble in the comments. But that's very rare. Sometimes I'll write something specifically to elicit lots of comments, but that's relatively rare too. (The "Read any good books lately?" post a few years ago is an example of that.)

Really, the commenters are one of the best things about the site. I'm amazed at the way an offbeat topic will elicit comments from people with firsthand experience or who have deep expertise with the subject at hand, whatever it may be. --Mike]

Nice print sale...now my 2 cents on remodels ..the bids are never right..always add atleast 30% to what they tell you...and if that house is still for sale down the street it's over priced....how long on the market now?..make an offer that will embarrass yourself...you always come up..good luck

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