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Wednesday, 09 April 2014



I was just watching a video review of this camera...

What's the thingumajig thumb rest on yours?

And what setup do you have for high-speed flash?

For day-to-day go-anywhere, I have a very similar setup now. Not quite as small, but in the same league size-wise. It's a Fujifilm XP-1 with the 18-55mm (27-85 equiv) lens only. This is truly exceptional for a zoom lens. I carry a Fuji EF42 flash, a couple of filters and a Canon close-up lens, spare batteries, all of which goes in a Domke messenger bag. I don't often carry a tripod, but for this camera I have a lightweight Manfrotto in a separate bag that looks about the same size as Fabio's. I haven't sold my bigger stuff yet, but I do intend to prune it significantly!


There are a few companies making "thumbs-up" style grips for the X100 and similar cameras. They range in price from about $12 to north of $100. I am not sure which one is in the photo, but I will tell you that they make a huge difference when handling the X100. I ditched my neck strap for a point and shoot wrist strap, and with the thumb rest carrying the camera around is effortless. It's definitely worth checking one out.

All I can say is that front of lens converters must have come a long way since the 70's if they can be used for serious work now.

There are several "ergonomically similar" cameras of varying sensor sizes, but every time that I think there might be a winner for me, I discover that there is no image stabilization (IS) built into the cameras.
I don't do tripods, and need it for low-light situations.
(For example, I'd love to have a Sony A7 for my drawer full of Leica glass. But no IS.)
Might as well keep using my Canon t2i with the Sigma 30mm f:1.4.

"Already wearing shorts and T-shirts in Scottsdale, Arizona"

Truth is, that's pretty much year round attire. :)

The best compliment I can give you about your photographs: I am deeply envious of this work and its qualities, start to finish.

With respect, another guy who rocks the Fuji X100s and early on opened eyes to its potential is David Hobby at strobist.

And the tripod is...?

Thanks for the link to the blog. Very nice work.

But I have to ask, what tripod is that in your kit? Thanks.

@ all who asked:

The tripod is the Benro Travel Angel, Model No. CT0681T. The legs and center post are made of carbon fiber, the complete setup weighs only 2.5 lbs, it extends to 61", and folds/disassembles to approx. 16.5" ... alas, it wasn't inexpensive and has now been discontinued, with nothing similar in their product line to replace it. Oh, and it also converts to a 48" tall, 1.25 lb monopod with just a hex wrench, which has proved handy a few times as well.

FYI, if you can live with a shorter (51") tripod, the Mefoto Backpacker is a good alternative for a lot less money.

Very nice work at the blog, Jeffrey!

It's still early days with my own personal X100s, but so far I'm very impressed. I did try an inexpensive thumb rest to see if I liked the concept, but they are not for me. If you keep your thumb stationary and use the shutter button for all focus commands they are great, but I rely too much on having my thumb mobile for focusing tasks (command button for EVF zooming and AEL/AFL lock button) for them to work for me.

Jeffrey, just curious: How on earth is the WCL-X100 worth it when it costs $300+ and only gets you an additional 6mm of vision?
Otherwise, great post--thanks!

The tripod looks very similar to my Benro Travel Angel. There are lots of variants with different number of leg sections and leg diameters.


"Value" is a tricky concept, as everyone judges it using a different scale. Personally, I find the WCL-X100 well worth the money because it adds a second focal length to my X100S outfit, which makes it more versatile hence useful for my purposes. You might consider a 28mm lens to be roughly the same as a 35mm lens, whereas I see them as two completely different lenses offering two very different perspectives. For the same reason, I will add a TCL-X100 (50mm teleconverter) to my outfit as soon as it's released, although it remains to be seen whether it'll fit into my present belt pouch with everything else. My fingers are crossed!

On the 'what's in the bag' theme, here is an interesting website that features just that!

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