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Thursday, 13 March 2014


My first and current DSLR, the D300. Even to my relatively small hands, it felt right from the first time I held it (don't know why--I came from a Pentax ME Super). The 50/1.8 at first and now the 35/1.8 were and are the nearly exclusive companions.

Minolta 7hi was the first digital I could consistently get good results with.

My little family of Leica M film cameras. I will die with them.

E-PL1 with the 20mm f/1.7
Humble camera, always with me, for years now.

My next new one.

My first one.

Olympus E-1.

For image quality the 5DII, especially when paired with the 24mm tilt shift. But I've been using the E-M5 as my primary camera for the better part of the last two years just to keep the load lighter. I'm usually satisfied with the E-M5 images but I've never really adapted to the interface ... I'm constantly discovering that I've inadvertently changed the settings. I just acquired an E-M1. My early impression is that the interface is a substantive improvement ... I can say I enjoy using this camera more than any other I've owned.

Fuji GX680. It's a portraitist's dream come true. Medium format tilt/shift capable camera with fast portrait lens that's sligtly soft wide open, with razor thin DOF and the kind of out of focus blur that simply blows away anything the digital can produce. This is also very apropos your recent article about fuji's (hell of a coincidence there, would you agree?) 56 1.2...

Right now I'm roughly 50/50 film/digital. Film: M3; and digital: 20D. (Not that I liked the 20D all that much, but I liked it more than the few other digital cameras I've used for any length of time. More recently, I tried and liked the NEX-6, Xpro1 and EM5, but didn't use any of them long enough to tell if I'd like using them long term.)

The digital camera I have kept is the Leica Digilux 2. It may only have a 5 Mpx sensor but it makes the most beautiful pictures both in color and bw.

I've owned three quality digital cameras (DSLR, m43, and a high-end compact). Didn't bond with any of them. The body I would like buried with me is a lowly Canon EOS 630. It never let me down and made me more money than any other camera. I got use to its quirks and foibles, and it still feels like part of me whenever I pick it up.

Ah, that wonderful Fujifilm X100s I rented many months ago for a weekend. What wonderful, lustful memories I have of those 48 hours.

I have not owned a large number of digital cameras, but of those that I have, I would rate the Sony RX1 as my favorite. Yes, it is somewhat lacking in versatility, but the quality to size ratio is unequaled.

Nikon D1 (for the camera)
Kodak DCS760 (for the images)
Nikon D5300 (for the magic)

For film: Mamiya 6 with the 75mm lens...

For digital: hmm.. a tie between the Digilux 2 and the Epson RD-1. With the Epson, you can pretend you're shooting film, so it wins the overall film/digital combined prize...

I have to second Caleb's comment; K-5 with the 21mm f3.2 Limited. It's a great, light (in DSLR terms), unobtrusive, versatile combination & is excellent for Street.

Pentax K5 with FA 43 mm limited. Still miss the K20D that suffered a fatal fall down a set of concrete steps at a concert, however...

Film first - I love my Rolleicord at the moment and Leica MP, but my favourite is still my Zeiss Ikon and 1.5/50 C-Sonnar

Digital, well the 1Ds3 was really brilliant, worked intuitively for me and always got the shot. The M9 is almost there, but feels slow and noisy. The MM suffers from the M9's failings, but somehow is special.

M9-P & 50mm chron. The dogs bollox. As is TOP

Olympus OM-1 / OM-2n. You could set aperture and shutter speed by feel - no need to look at anything but the viewfinder! The infinitely spinning wheels have kept me from bonding with my succession of Pentaxes (K-10D, K-7 and K-5IIs). Starting to seriously consider the Fuji X-T1...

Sony Nex 7 with the vario-tessar 16-70mm f4. It's a nearly perfect walkabout kit.

My 3 month old Panasonic GX7 with its Leica 25mm f/1.4 lens. I've never seen such rendering, ease of use, and my shoulders have still not stopped thanking me!

Panasonic G5. Has the controls I need, image quality that gives me superb 13X19 prints, and fits my hand and style of shooting like a glove.

Every time I think of buying a new camera, I just go out and shoot, process and print - suddenly, I can't justify spending any more.

For film, the three I kept: M4-P with 35 'cron, F100 with 50mm 1.4 or 24-120mm, FM2-n with 24mm or 50mm.

Digital... too soon to tell. Currently, D7100, OMD EM-5 (12-40mm ordered), and an RX100ii.


My favorite is definitely D700. The camera just felt great in my hands and it was a joy to use. At least until I developed tendonitis in both of hands/wrists. To reduce the stress on my hands/wrists, I replaced my D700 with E-M5. It took a whole year but I've recovered from the tendonitis and I'm back to Nikon with D600. I love the photo it can produce, but still ponders from time to time about replacing it with another D700.

Film: Konica Hexar RF with a 35mm summicron
Runners up: Rollei 2.8 E3 and Yashica T4

Digital: Fuji X100s (will probably be overthrown by my just arrived XT-1)
Runners up: Ricoh GRD III and Panasonic GF1

These are for me, the most enjoyable cameras I've had over more than 80 others.

Canon 5D mark III. There endeth the lesson.

Well, since this is setting a record for most commented post, I feel compelled to contribute. I think the Bronica ETRSi is just such a well sorted camera design. Electronic leaf shutters, great economical use of 120 film if you like a 4/3 aspect ratio, all the main lenses use 62 mm filters, mirror up, and the speed grip has a unique slide-on action, better than having to fiddle with screws. And about the cheapest medium format kit you can get.

My favourite from the digital world has been the Nikon J1, with it's simple looks and silent shutter, it allows me to take photographs with a sense of intimacy and warmth that the pro tools as wonderful as they are don't seem to deliver. The J1 makes me feel like I am sketching rather than working.
From the film days, the Rolleiflex for sure, I and a lovely grey leather
Tony Nyberg

GRD. Have four of them. My first proper camera was a Ricoh 500G so I go back a long way with Ricoh.
OM-1 was my first SLR and still the best compromise of simplicity, small size and big viewfinder image.

The Fuji GX680III, the Rolls Royce of medium format cameras. Its a beast of a camera weighing over 10LB's but you have tilt & shift & swing with all the excellent Fuji lens. You can buy a complete system secondhand for less than the price of a A7r, Canon 5DIII or Nikon D800 body!

Pleasant little camera, some lovely lenses, and can carry it all day in a bag with an iPad.

My favorite camera is the Ricoh GXR because its user interface.

Also great for using manual lenses with a 1,5 crop sensor.

My favorite so far is my Sigma DP2 Merrill. The limitations of the Sigma cameras are well known but the images are wonderful and for how I like to shoot the negatives don't really matter.

Canon 5D. I don't know why my friend trusted me to pick it up. Felt great shooting it, and the images. Whoa.

I've enjoyed all of my film and digital cameras, from the canon AE1 I bought in high school to the X100s and canon 6d I use today. I even enjoy shooting panos w the iPhone.

I came in late sorry about that. I always carry one of or both of my cameras. They are a Canon G12 or S90. I carry them with my new Lowepro Streamline Sling Pack.

Nikon D100, my first DSLR. The color and dynamic range beat the pants off of my old 35mm film scans and the instant gratification of digital was revolutionary. I now shoot with a D800E and it is several steps along the path that the D100 started. The D800E does it better in every measure of features and image quality, but the D100 did it first.

A TOP record-breaking comment-a-thon?

Dang! I gotta be part of that!

Fav camera, ever, is my current workhorse and friend, the Olympus OMD E-M5. One small niggle (too small to mention here) and otherwise…perfect!

Oly EM-1 and Oly EPL-5, especially with Oly fast primes!! The Sony a850 was a dandy camera--too bad Sony dropped the ball and did not update it with live view and a 36mp chip. The color out of that camera was quite nice, the viewfinder a treat, the files robust as hell despite being 12-bit, in-camera IS, etc. At the time, I wanted a 14mm-24mm lens (ala Nikon)and a very good and affordable micro/macro (Nikon 60mm f/2.8). I like my D800 fine, but it does have a tendency to clip the reds and it doesn't have the great feel and simplicity of the a850.

Canon 10D. For an older camera with APS-C it gives great images when paired up with decent lenses. Light on high ISO quality, but nice around 100 and 200 ISO.

Film: Minolta 9000AF - it's even got a lever to wind on the film, and the camera makes a Proper Photographer's Camera Sound especially when a motor winder is attached

Digital: NEX-7

For color: Olympus E-1 (still use today)
For black and white: Nikon 1 V1 + 10mm f/2.8.

I use four digital cameras now; Nikon D4 & D800e, Olympus OMD -E -M1, and a Sony RX1; but I still miss is the Leica IIIG that I sold to help get 4 kids through college.

Another vote for the Olympus E-M5. It does almost everything I want, and so well. Small, light, great fast prime lenses. My favorite *film* camera of all time is the Leica M2.

Digital: Olympus e5,with Sigma 150/2.8 macro or 50-200/2.8 ZD zoom with EXT-25 extension ring.

Film: Canon F-1n, with 100/4.0 or 200/4.0 FD macros. (For almost 20 years.)

The Nikon V1. It's small, simple, discrete, and surprisingly competent.

After almost 50 years of various cameras, I stick to the latest, the Nikon D3x, a good non nonsense tool ! I use it like my FM2n, and it supports the wear of carrying it all days, everywhere...
After reading all the precedent posts, it seems I'm the only voice for this weird, ugly duckling of a camera !

Epson R-D1s: It has, IMO, unsurpassed design of controls and displays. Shutter speed, exposure comp, ISO, WB, file size, battery and memory capacity -- all have dedicated, analog controls and dials on the top deck. Closest thing to the feel if using a film rangefinder -- more so, even, than a Leica DRF. The LCD is needed only for chimping or overall setup.

Canon 20D, the camera that rekindled my interest in photography, and helped improve my picture taking no end. It's been all GAS since then!

First dslr I had use of was my wife's d40x, thoroughly enjoyable at the time. Bought myself a d5100 when she got tired of me always using her camera. Loved it, especially the floppy viewfinder. Upgraded to a cursed d600 which was a dust nightmare. Loved it, except for that issue. Replaced it with a d800 last nov and wish I had just sucked it up and bought one the day it was released. For my photography (I'm a hobbyist who focuses on nature/wildlife and pictures of my lovely infant daughter, but dabbles in everything), I can't think of a better camera. Sorry I ran long.

I am very surprised with my answer: Minolta S414.

Most fondly remembered: Canon 20D. It was fast, easily controlled and had image quality to spare.

Most useful: Lumix GF1. I sold my 20D, 5D and L lenses and spent two years with just the GF1 and that cool 20mm lens. As a result I grew enormously as a photographer.

Most loved: Fujifilm X-Pro 1. Seamless and flowing in use. Perfect of size. Delicious in output. Designed by photographers, some of whom I have met. It warms my heart and my photography.

Original Canon 5D. Great for landscapes - they seemed to come to life. The D800E has better resolution, but not the same depth to my eyes.

The Canon S2IS. Electronic viewfinder. Image-stabilization. Fold-out and tiltable LCD screen. 12X zoom. Give me all those features in a camera with a state of the art chip, and I'm buying.

Despite the menus: Oly EM-5, because a complete 4 lens system is lighter than just one zoom for the gorgeous Canon 5D mk1 that I took on my retirement trip. First love: Vito B f/2.8 bright line finder, then Spotmatic II with the SMC f1.4 50mm.

Best overall wow amazing images...D800.

Carry everywhere, use every day, pry it out of my cold, dead hands....RX100.

Of the cameras I actually own, my favorite digital camera is the Sony RX100. My favorite film camera is still the original Contax T.

Tiny size, great lenses, great images; don;t leave home without 'em.

Film - Fuji GS645
Digital - For fun shooting - the Canon S90.
For quality, the Pentax K5 with the DA35 F2.8 Macro.
I just bought a Ricoh GR to upgrade the S90 experience.


How did I miss this going on? The record just grew.

D700, though it sits in a bag since D800E arrived.

Film, and all time favorite, 1966 Asahi Pentax SV with 55mm f1.8 Super Takumar.

Mine is Ricoh GXR with Leica M-mount module, and Voigtlander Nokton 40/1.4 mounted on it.

Oh, and it totally slipped my mind, but Mike - I think you ought to publish a digest/summary statistics of some sort...

Film (current primary): m6ttl. Pretty good camera.

Digital: canon 20D. I have to say i am surprised not to see more mention of it here. Blew me away that a digital camera could be that good and that fast back in its day. And when i go back now to reprocess choice files, they look even better--dramatically so. (Thankfully i ignored certain internet gurus and shot all raw.)

Pentax K-5 with with Zeiss 25mm f2.8 ZK lens

The Nikon D600 with Nikkor 18-35mm lens. A combination I use more and more, especially at the 18mm end.

The D700 is by far the favorite choice. I loved my F100s during the film days, and the D700 became my digital F100. It is the most transparent camera I’ve ever used, and has delivered the goods in almost impossible situations.

Fuji X100

Ricoh GR Digital (Mk1).
Compact, light but not flimsy, pocketable take-anywhere marvel which I still use on a regular basis. Possibly the best digital camera I've ever had.

Nikon D700. First time where I didn't feel restrained by the camera.

Canon 60D.

Maybe not the "best" in anyone's book, but that camera had a lot to do with a fundamental shift in the way I shoot and the way I see.

Fuji X100.

Shot with a 40d for a few years after point and shoots, then got an original 5D (which is a fine machine) with several nice lenses, but neither of them clicked the way the x100 did. I love the files, the small size and weight, the manual controls, and huge glass viewfinder. Planning to add the 50mm conversion lens and then selling the 5D because it is literally covered in dust from disuse.

Fujifilm S5 Pro

Fuji x-pro 1. Originally purchased for OVF but now find I rely extensively on EVF which means XT-1 is probably amazing. Instantly seeing how exposure compensation affects image is huge instead of having to look at the review on the back as I do with my Nikon Dfs which will soon go on the block with all my Nikon lenses if I can use the XT for work too. DSLRs are just too big and certain Fuji fixed lenses are spectacular! I've been using only Fuji for the last year for personal work and they're close to Leica (notice I said close) for 1/6th of the price!

Nikon D2x. And there's something wonderful about the old Nikkor 50mm f/2.

Leica M9.

Ricoh GRD III.
Always with me, always reliable.

Canon 5 D Mk I

My very favorite is/was NIKON D70. This camera opened up the world of digital for me. It is unfortunately broken and not worth repairing.

Leica M Type 240, although the Sony RX1 is a very close second.

Panasonic Lumix LX-1

Nikon D3s, probably the only camera that never got in my way (except in terms of weight...)

Fujifilm X-E2 with 23mm f/1.4 or any of the other XF lenses.

That same Zeiss E 24mm, paired with a NEX-7.

Fuji X-t1 ...like the cameras I grew up with.

Ricoh GRD III.

My one favourite to be counted for the statistic: Nikon D3, no question.
(Although by now I'm carrying either a D800 or a Sigma DP3 ...)

Fuji X100S

Definitely the Fuji X100 which replaced my Hexar AF.

Canon 7D


Canon s100

Sony DSC-R1 (old 10mp camera).

Oly E-M1. Has it all.

My favorite digital camera is the Canon 5D Mark III...totally reliable, responsive to my needs and predictable. When weight becomes a factor I switch to the Fujifilm X-E1 with a fixed focal length lens.

I shoot mostly film (B&W 100% film, color 95% digital, overall though 95% film) but instead of a snarky answer of a film camera as my favorite digital camera I'll say: Sony NEX-6.

My favorite was the Sony F-707. It took me out of the doldrums and made photography fun again. My favorite film camera was the Nikon FM-2. It was compact, reliable and simple. In a somewhat related topic, my favorite photography website is The Online Photographer. It takes reading about photography out of the doldrums.

Favorite digital: Leica M Monoochrom
Favorite film camera: Leica MP

Fave digital: Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the 17mm f/1.8.

Fave film camera: Leica M2 and the CV 35mm f/1.4.

Have been using both for the past 2 years, and have never felt more at peace or productive.

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