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Thursday, 13 March 2014


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My first love: Coolpix 950. After that the Lumix GF1.

The Pentax K20D with DA* 55/1.4 SDM lens.

Pentax k10 - perfect tough digital back with shake reduction that takes all my old lenses.

Fuji X-T1. Leica-like feel with more bells & whistles.

Canon 5D

M9-P, because it's a camera and nothing else.

The Pentax K-5. Its low-light abilities have really broadened my photography. Before that , my favorite was the K10D, whose image quality and anti-shake also made a big difference.

Hmmm, it comes down to one of two - either my first decent digital, the Minolta A1, or the most recent one, the Sigma DP2M.

On balance, despite (or maybe because of) its flaws and limitations, I'm going to go with the Sigma. When the conditions and subject are right, the results are outstanding.

Olympus E-M1.

With the right lenses, this checks all the boxes for me: compact, lightweight, excellent image quality (up to a reasonable enlargement size i.e. 16 x 20-ish) and great ergonomics. People can say what they want to about the complexity of the menus - once you get this thing dialed in, it's a joy to shoot with!

The Fuji X100. I always dreamed of having a digital rangefinder but couldn't afford a Leica. I never imagined anyone would ever bother to make such an esoteric device, then they made the X100.

Olympus E-M1 - no question!

Sony RX100

Fuji X100. I also have the X100S, X-E2 and X-T1, but the X100 was the first digital camera I really fell in love with and I still have a soft spot in my heart for it.

The GF1. Haven't got the GX7 yet, it can wait for another six to eight months.

For a long time I used my Sony A700 and learned a lot with it. But now I have my OM-D MD5 and this is the most perfect camera I ever used (not that I wouldn't know areas for improvement, but they are no deal breakers).

For me that camera combines perfectly the necessary image quality, usability and availability of affordable excellent lenses.

The Olympus EM-5 and a semi normal length fixed lens (panny 12/2.5, 20/1.7, or 25/ 1.4) really hits the spot for me right now. The combination of (1) small size/light, (2) fast autofocus/responsive shutter; (3) autofocus on the eyes, (4) awesome image stabilization; (5) the EVF where you can view and easily adjust the exposure of the picture; and the ability to get shallow depth of field really add up to a winner for me. I have plenty of other cameras and the means currently to buy more expensive gear and this is just the right combination of camera size and image quality for my tastes. A close second is a four year old $150 Canon powershot that is so small it fits in my back pocket and allows for truly immersive photography in social situations. Way inferior picture quality, but it gets photos that are off limits to a larger camera.

Fuji X100S. Pure shooting joy with a beautiful lens.

digital FF: 5D Classic
film: OM-1
digital compact: LX3
film compact: Rollei 35S

Film - Pentax MZ-S, I wish I had kept it:-(
Digital - Pentax *ist DS, still going strong in granddaughter's hands. I wish I could talk her into using primes instead of a new "super" zoom with it.

Bronica ETRSi (sorry). Although that may change as I'm picking up my new Zeiss Ikon Contessa tonight...

Olympus E30 - and I still love it. I used it long enough so I figured out how to use it, the files stand up to post processing really well, the pictures look great, and when I was doing wildlife photography with a really long lens it was about a third the size of the equivalent Canon/ Nikon /Sony set-up.


Digital: IPhone 5
Film: Mamiya 7II

Nikon D700. It just fits my hand and the controls are great. I've had three over the past five years and I still have one as a backup because it just works.

I would love a digital camera with the tactility and immediacy that I felt with my Leica M5, but I'm not willing to shell out the cash to try a digital M.

I'd also like a smaller camera, but I haven't met an EVF I like, the one in the Olympus E-M1 is good, but it still bugs me.

I loved my Pentax ME Super back in the day, but my favorite is my current camera, the Panasonic GX7.

Has to be the Fuji X-Pro, which I am using now almost exclusively. Love the dual finders, low-light capability, and the lovely color rendition. I still have a 5-D and suite of L zooms, which I drag out occasionally, but I am guessing I will sell these soon.

The Canon 5D Mark 2 and 3 are my favorite digital camera(s) and I think a good case could be made for them being the most important cameras of the digital era and perhaps of all time along with the I-Phone.

Konica-Minolta A2. It was my second digital camera (after the Olympus Uzi). Simply put, everything about it was "right", both image quality and even more user experience, and I started photographing again. After it I got a Sony A700 mostly because the user interface was very similar. Like other dreamers who don't want to face reality, I have been waiting and looking for the "Konica Minolta A3" ever after. The FZ200 and E-M1 that I have now are of course superior, but... First love.

digital: Fuji xt1

film: Rollei 3.5F

Fuji X100. Bought in preference to the "S" regardless of price. To my eye the "S" images appear more clinical and, dare I say, digital?

Canon S95.

My current camera, it has lived in my pocket for the past 2 years so I take more photographs.

My Fuji x100 (original) is the camera that is in my satchel everyday, sits in the bag just in case on corporate portrait shoots and is my second camera when I do events. It always seems to add something to my shoots and is fun to use. It ain't perfect but it's got personality.

Fuji X-T1 w/ Fuji 23mm f/1.4.

I haven't had a lot of time with it, but I've not had love for another camera like this.

The FujiFilm X-E1 and 18-55 kit lens. Punches way above its weight.

Regards JR

Panasonic LX3. (The LX5 would otherwise be better but Panasonic replaced the control stick with an inferior control wheel.)

Canon 5D II, I was going to say my favorite camera will most likely be my next camera purchase but for now I enjoy my 5D II

Pentax K5. Most usually paired with the lovely 21mm prime. A smallish package I can just throw in my backpack and bring wherever.

I did not find yet
The D600 was very nice, but I can't appreciate it anymore with its dust problems. I still have a D70 that I like a lot!
So, I hope the next one will be the good one.

4x5 Chamonix 045N - Favorite camera
Hasselblad 501CM - Runner up favorite camera
D800E - Favorite digital camera

Canon 5d mkII, aka 5d2

Nikon D700. My third DSLR (following D70 and D300). I still have (and use) the D300, but the D700 is my go-to camera. It simply works well, first time, every time. I like the files it produces as well. Just wish it had a quieter shutter!

My Lumix LX5 is my favourite - it's so versatile. I take it in preference to my X100 most of the time.

I'm primarily a film photographer, and if I had to bring it all down to one camera, I'd pick my 4x5" Linhof Technika V (or maybe I'd make the modest upgrade to the current model Master Technika). I like having the options of going press-camera style with the rangefinder or view-camera style with the groundglass. The metal construction is precise and stands up to wind and use. I have other cameras that are better in one way or another, but I can do most of the things I like to do with a camera with the Tech V.

Sony a57. Humble stuff to many a TOPer, I know, but many of my "clients" think it and I are quite the practically professional combination (Their ignorance is my bliss). I especially like using my Mamiya-Sekor 55mm f1.4 with the a57, for what it's worth.

Though my 7D is better in every way, I think I was more emotionally attached to my Canon 40D. It's the one I used for the longest period and the one with which I learned the most about photography. Too bad it's broken now :-(

My favorite film camera: Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/16. Small, light and a lot of fun to use.

OM-D EM-5 is current favorite. It does so many things well, and is "sufficient" for the foreseeable future.

This is followed closely by the EPM-2. With the VF-4 finder and the Panasonic 20mm, this is a digital Leica CL!

Others I have loved: EP-2 (sold), EP-1 (still have), Samsung GX-1s (repackaged Pentax istDS2, still have) LX-3 & LX-5 (both sold, replaced by LF1, which is "loved").

I see a reference to Mamiya 6 and 7 cameras in a later post. When I compare the feel of digital cameras I have used with my favourite film cameras both of which were Mamiyas (the C330F and the original Mamiya 6)I am left with the sad feeling that digital ain't got no soul!!! Nonetheless it does deliver the goods.

Pentax K5

Nikon D700 - my first and only full-frame professional level camera. I had two good Canons before it - the 20D and the 50D, which I used for more years than the D700.
And then I got an Olympus E-P3 for about 6 months, which I changed for an Olympus E-M5 which I used for nearly two years (great camera and lenses), then I recently purchased an E-M1 which I like even more than the E-M5.
But thinking about all these cameras (and some others I used or dreamed about), I must say the D700 was a camera that had very little flaws and could do nearly everything, especially as I matched it with a grip and good lenses (both zooms and primes). I have considered a D3 or D3s mostly due to improved ergonomics (and a better sensor in the D3s), but they were considerably more expensive.
I gave up and sold my D700 after more than an year of mostly using the Olympus E-M5 almost exclusively, mostly due to weight and dimensions reasons. But I must admit that for moving things (kids, sports, etc) or ultimate image quality (I printed many 13x19 on my HP9800 with great results) or ergonomics and dependability the D700 is still unbeatable.

Fuji X-E2. Got there by way of the X-100 and the X-Pro1. These were the first digital camera's that really appealed to me. I have held the X-T1 as well and was rather impressed, but I fell for the X-E2.
In my film days, I have loved a Mamiya C 330 (my workhorse, with 65 and 180 mm lenses and nothing in between), my Rolleiflex T, a third hand M 3, and a Nikon F3 HP. All these very good tools have enriched my life.

My current favorite is the 5D MkIII, though I still think about getting another Rollei 2.8 - my first camera that I had as a kid. I loved how you held it and focused. That said, my father's RB Auto Graflex was the all-time best smelling camera.

My first DSLR was a Nikon d50. There was something special about the pictures I was able to take with this camera. The low light capability was surprising. I passed it on to my daughter and I am often tempted to ask her to let me buy it back.

Back here again to name my favourite digital camera.

Tricky... before a few days ago I would have said the Fuji X-Pro1 (that I own).

But a few days ago I handled the new X-T1 ...and I think it's a case of "resistance is futile". So...go on, put that one down.

The Q menu button is relocated so I won't push it 50% of the time I lift the camera to my eye, and it has face recognition focus so I can stop moving the focus point all the time. There's much less focus and shutter lag. Teamed with the X-Pro1 it will allow two lenses to be mounted for the once-in-a-lifetime trip to Iran I'm about to take.

To keep it simple - my Nikon D800. Has more resolution than the previous fav, the D700. That simplifies post work.

Mike, my favorite all time camera was my Rolleiflex TLR. I had more fun shooting with that camera than any other. Of course the fact that I was about 50 years younger may improve the memories.

Currently my favorite is the Sony RX10. Good lens, good sensor, and all in one package. The only add-on is a polarizing filter if needed. Since I can't carry a lot of gear anymore, on the rare times I get out to shoot this is ideal. Image output is excellent of course.

Keep up the good work.



Does that win shortest post?

Pentax 645D. Slow, but great ergonomics, nice viewfinder and good files. Still very good in 2014.

I love my Em-5 but my Sony S90 is almost always with me. Recently got a GM1 and it about the same size until you put its (admittedly tiny) kit lens on it (or even the 17mm). I thought having MFT and sharing lenses would be great, and it is, but the S90 is still in my pocket unless I am purposely out for picture taking.

It's the Nikon D800E for me. I've loved it from Day 1, and the affair just grows more passionate each time I partake of its bounty.

Pentax K7. Small, weatherproof, takes cheap, old, great eBay lenses.

As much as I hate to admit it... iPhone.

Voigtländer Bessa II Apo-Lanthar - for film

Nikon V3 - for digital

Canon 5D Mark II. With 50mm f/1.4 Canon lens.

Olympus OM-D EM-5

My favorite digital camera is the Nikon V1. It is small, quiet, and doesn't call attention to itself. It has simple controls and a great AF and exposure system, allowing me to produce good-quality photos without a lot of unnecessary effort. And since I don't think of the V1 as a "serious" camera I feel empowered to experiment and try shooting things I might not if I was using a "serious" digital camera. I should also mention that the V1 is a good video camera too.

My favorite camera is my Nikon D5100 with the DX 35mm f/1.8. Affordable, I’ve learned so much with it. The reason its my favorite is how much potential it has, but there’s a nagging feeling that Nikon wont maintain. That troubles me deeply. For now I’ll continue happily shooting, though I do have one eye towards something with more staying power into the future [Fuji?]

Sorry dear editor, this post is longer then it need be. :S

Fuji X100 because it is the only digital camera I've owned that has a soul and because it has a soul I can forgive it its sins.

My favorite camera is my Nikon D300. It's like a long time marriage: I've come to know its quirks, adjusted it for mine, and it continue to help me make images I love. Some even sell. It's fun to get a new camera but the longer I do this, the less I find it to be about the equipment. No plans to get a new camera soon.

pentax k7

oh, and film - Mamiya 6 with the 50,75,150 lenses

My vote is for my Leica M-E as my favourite camera ever. That's largely because it feels so similar in use to a dear old IIIg which I've had since 1959 and still use a bit.


And Fuji X-E2 if I want to go light.

Nikon F100. Most of my favourite images were taken on this camera. Great size, amazing build quality.

Olympus Evolt E-300. I know. It looked weird. Tiny LCD screen. No stabilization. Noisy at ISO 800. But at ISO 100, its 8-mp Kodak CCD sensor delivered gorgeous colors and crisp, sharp images. My first digital camera and while I purchased and used the E-520, E-5 and now the OM-D E-M1, there was something about that old black brick that none of the other cameras quite got.

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