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Thursday, 13 March 2014



Film: the Nikon F6, without a moment's hesitation.
Digital: hard one, but I'd have to say my current Oly EM5. Just right, in every respect!

Leica M8. Been shooting it for about, oh, 90 years (in your digital camera years) and, while it has its peculiarities, it's still a pleasure to use.

Olympus E-1, Probably the best ergonomics and image color of any DSLR.

Olympus OM-3Ti with DDC (delayed digital capture) sensor technology.

Nikon D300. All I ever needed in a dSLR. Still an excellent camera, built like a tank. Everything in the right place. How nice it would be if I could update the sensor only.

Olympus E-PL1.

I was a film shooter until I finally bought that. It's enough like my Canon 7 that I can finally shoot digitally the way I want to. I have the kit lens and a 17/2.8. Once I add the 25/1.8 & 45/1.8 I will probably be able to sell all my non-LF film cameras.

Canon 5D Mrk3 with Canon 40mm Pancake and silent shutter mode

Nikon D700. I switched to digital late, 2009, and only when I felt there was a digital equivalent to the Nikon F100. And I"m still using the D700 as my primary digital body.

Rolleiflex 2.8C Xenotar. TLRs are my favorite style of camera, and this is the best lens I've owned.

Sony HX5, bought following a review at Luminous Landscape.
* It fits in my pants pocket. Stealthy for walking around in South America.
* Lens equivalent of 25mm - 250mm: wide or long at will.
* Sweep panorama.
* Image stabilization.
* Great battery life.
* Quality is what I create post-capture.
* But reasonable "realism" is available when I want it.
LL Review: http://bit.ly/1qAZyW9

Film: Nikon F, new in 1970. Exposure, focus & compensation built right in to my fingers, Intuitive and instant.

Digital: iPhone. Easy answer.

..........Nikon D4 every day every way.....send the bill

Digital: LeicaS2nM9NikonD3SnD800ESonyA7R
Film: Rolleiflex2.8FLeicaM3nMP

[So which digital is your favorite? I'm not trying to be confrontational, I'm just curious. --Mike]

Walker Titan SF 4x5. If it gets dirty, you can wash it in the sink, which I guess it has in common with my favorite digital camera, the Olympus E-M1!

Pentax *ist DS

DSLR: Nikon D700
Auto Focus SLR: Nikon F6
Manual Focus SLR: Nikon FM3a
Rangefinder: Leica M3
AF Rangefinder: Contax G2

Like many others I cheated and named more than one. We all have multiple camera syndrome. Hmmm... if the Df comes down in price maybe.....that sensor...those dials....ahhhh!

Fuji X-Pro1, but if you ask me a year from now, it may well be the Fuji X-T1. Unmatched image quality in my experience.

2nd place: My Canon 1D MkII N. This warhorse can deliver the goods, haul the mail, whatever phrase you like, as few cameras can. The camera is built like the proverbial brick outhouse, the downside being that it weighs about as much as one, as well.

Film Camera: Olympus OM-1.

Sony A850. Pure photography - no live view, no video. Just like a film camera with ISO 100 film. Together with the sibling A900, they are the only 24M small format cameras without video.

Canon 5Dmk3 - I love silent shutter, the ergonimics are right there under fingers of your right palm so you don't need to take your eyes off the VF and your left hand doesn't get distracted if you're shooting with zooms, high ISO is sick and learning how to expose feels pretty much like using c41/bw films - expose for the shadows, develop (in ACR) for the highlights, which I'm pretty much used to.

As for film cameras it's a tough fight between two of my Nikon FM2n cameras and 2 of my Bronica SQ-As, but I'd give it to Bronnie for the ease of use (MLU, multiple exposure etc. etc.) and options of accesories such as eye VFs with coupled AE/M prisms + the square format is just perfect (ask any hipstagramer).

Film: Contax RTS III, a beast, but gorgeous viewfinder and felt so good.
Digital: Olympus OMD M1. First digital I have owned that I actually like to use.

My favorite digital camera is the Olympus E620 which, with the Olympus 12-60 mm zoom,I created some of the best pictures I've taken in 45 years of photography. I now use an OM-D E-M1. My favorite film camera is the Pentax Spotmatic SP500 that I bought when my first child was born. I have wonderful pictures of my son as a baby, and the camera still has the nicest feel (weight, balance, ergonomics) of any film camera I have ever owned.

My all time favorite is my Leica M4 with 50mm summicron. I cannot express in words what I feel for that camera, It's just perfect for me. Today my digital fav is my Oly EM-5.

Leica M2, 35 Summilux.

NEX-7 + nikon 50mm f/1.2

Film: Nikon F90x. First serious camera I paid for myself. A pleasure to use. Replaced the FE (which I still love) that was given to me.

Digital: Olympus OM-D E-M1 with grip. As painful as it was, it's the first digital camera whose manual I read in its entirety. Can there be higher praise?

F2 without a doubt.


The Sony DSC-R1 if I'm doing anything with mixing flash and daylight, and I still think it has about the best lens I have bought in the last 10 yeas or so.
Most of the time I use a NEX 3 with the other 50 or so lenses that are sitting around here.

About once every 6 months I need to pull out the Canon 1ds that I keep around just in case I need a DSLR or studio strobes and can't wait around for the R1

A slightly faster R1 would retire all of them.

film: Leica M2
digital: still looking

By today's standards, my Ricoh GXR and its EVF may be obsolescent, but the GXR is a pleasure to use and the A12 50 and the A12 28 lens modules deliver excellent image quality. My newer DSLR cameras gather dust.

Olympus E-M5: simply works very well for my photography. Fast and reasonably reliable face-detection AF, live blinkies (clipping warning), and very effective IBIS make shooting so much more fluid and enjoyable.

I also have a soft spot for my old Fuji F30 compact.

Sony R1 - It would have been perfect if it had some form of stabilization incorporated with that wonderful lens and articulating LCD.

Nikon D3S.
This is the one I had been waiting for my entire life.

Fuji X100: size, weight, overall feel, viewfinder, results.

Sony RX-100. Lovely quality. Fits in my pocket.

Olympus E-PL5 with 45mm lens. Love it, won't be switching anytime soon.

My Pentax ist DL2 is my favorite digital camera. I still own it. I have much newer digital cameras but none of them feel as nice to me. Surprisingly enough the DL2 still takes excellent pictures though the 6.1MP spec makes it "obsolete" in this day and age. But the RAW image, processed through Lightroom 5, is still amazingly strong all the way to 13x19 as long as I don't have to crop.

iPhone Hipstamatic. Best ever.

Nikon FM3A. A transparent tool.

The FM2n with beautiful color slide film. It was responsive and had simple and direct controls with predictable results.
Set the shutter speed knob and the aperture ring. Shoot - Send to lab for process - Enjoy viewing slides.

I didn't find the same experience with digital until the Fuji X100
arrived. The out of camera jpeg colors were finally at an outstanding
level of quality. Shoot - Skip lab or post processing - Enjoy viewing jpegs.

Fujifilm X100

Ricoh GR - and Konica Hexar in film days.

Flatbed scanner. The first digital camera I ever used, sometime in the mid-nineties. I looked at it, thought for a moment, then tipped my lunch onto the platen and hit "scan". Then I scanned my shoes. Then I went bonkers scanning any- and everything I could lay hands on.

Most of those files are long gone, but I came back to scanography a couple years ago, and found it was wonderfully relaxing and produced gorgeous images. Unfortunately cleanup took forever (40+ hours for some pictures).

If I had the money and the time, I'd buy a new scanner and throw myself into scanography...

Some of my 2009 scanographs:






I've found that quite a bit of my photography is really aimed at reproducing the scanograph look:





As long as it had a 40mm lens; Rollei 35S, Oly OM1,2,3,4, Konica FT , Leica CL, Panny GX1, and the most beautiful Contax G1. Sorry for verbosity.


The original 5D it is perfect for my needs and I still use it, how can a camera be better?

Nikon F2 SB.

GX7: small and light enough to be ignored by the neck from which it hangs and the people who see it hanging. Big enough to be comfortable for the average hand, (an F3 without the film cassette space or the pentaprism. Space for a nose (like an old fashioned rangefinder camera). (I have no idea why so many people want their viewfinder in the middle of the camera when the mirror less designs make this unnecessary.) Controls placed to facilitate operation without removing camera from the viewing eye.

My Canon 5D mk I,II or III. A nicely built and featured reasonably fast accurate camera with good picture quality. I'm currently shooting on a Sony A7r with my Canon range of lenses as it produces amazing picture quality. But it is an awkward fiddly little toy camera. It feels like Sony took a beautiful sensor and stuck it in 90s Discman. Buttons all 0ver the place! My least favourite camera so far but can't beat the picture quality.

Hi Mike,

Fav Digital Medium Format - S2
Fav Sports DSLR - D3S
Fav Digital for Street - M9
Fav Digital for Travel - A7r
Fav DSLR for Landscape and Portraits - D800E

Oh! I forgot to mention earlier my Fav Pocketable Digital - RX100

Best regards,

Of my 70+ film cameras, my favourite is my Rolleicord V. It's results are so good, I wonder why I have any other cameras - and I rate it above a Rolleiflex I also own.

However, my recently acquired Bronica S2 is good... as are my Nikon Fs... and... and... etc.

[I really loved the Rolleicord V too. --Mike]


For me it's my new bought Ricoh GXR with M mount.One lens only (voigtländer 25/4). I wanted a camera that brings me back to thinking about what I'm doing. It's fun and I'm very happy with my first prints I made these days. It took me some years to learn that I want back to one camera one lens.

Olympus E-1 with the "good kit" 14-54 f/2.8-3.5. Built like a tank, loved the controls and the lens was nothing short of amazing.

And yes ISO800 was already way too noisy and only 5mpx and I could go on but still. Great stuff at that time.

Clearly the good old Nikon D1X. My entry into the "digital revolution". I loved it and - believe it or not - still miss it :(

If anyone should have one left that's no longer needed or in use please let me know!

Pentax K-5, with DA* 50-135mm. The "natural" Camera.

Coming from Olympus OMs and Mamiya 645 not exactly anything like love since then, especially not my most used one,the E-P2; pretty underrated E-3/2,0 14-35 (very responsive, delivers with some care fine raw-files) comes kind of close with E-M1 as the first promising candidate (but well, love is not about promises…).

My favourite digital camera was the X100s that I regret having sold to help fund an A7 and a7r. They are fantastic but not so tactile.

My favourite film camera was the F6.

My greatest digital hits would be my original 1Ds or my D3. The 1Ds was a quirky brick from hell, with a never-to-be-repeated control layout and a charger of pure evil, but it was amazingly responsive, and the files it produced were the first time I'd looked at a digital that I owned and thought "wow!"

The D3 was like a luxury car, robust-feeling and perfectly balanced. Not as charming as the 1Ds, but a distinct step up from my current D800 as a shooting experience. In fact my D800 is rather disappointing in every aspect other than file quality- it's adequately responsive, the focusing speed is okay, the ergonomics are mediocre. I suppose I spoiled myself by using top-notch DSLRs before it.

If I write this again in a few months time, the X100s might take the top spot. It's a lot of fun.

My Leica M8 - because in the 90s I got an M6 and ever since then, other cameras somehow felt strange. I still have my M8, despite it's many technical faults, just because of the way it's handling resonates with me. I love my other gear, but the M8 is the only one that isn't really replaceable (except maybe with an M9 ;) ) - the others are just chip holders with user interface. Usually with a much better IQ than my M8, but with bodies lacking in character.

Olympus Camedia c7070

for it's still unsurpassed ergonomics, one or two handed.
the top-hinged LCD is ideal for fluid discreet shooting at waist level and arm's length, landscape or portrait.

The lens has evolved into the XZ-1 and 2's

The body would be an excellent basis for a non-retro M43 Pro line.

Canon 6D, best "average Joe" FF camera today. For me, cameras are supposed to take pictures, and the 6D does that by going back to what the T90 was good at: not getting in the way of the photographer.

Digital: It's the Pentax K-7 and 21/35/70 Limited Lenses. Perfect Handling, nice Results.
Film: Minolta XE-1 (yes not Fuji X-E1) with Rokkor 1.4/50mm. It was may first SLR and i used it for years, even for a 3 weeks Mountain Bike Trip in Norway. I took this heavy full-metal-combo most of the time with me. Still love the XE-1. The Design is still beautiful, one of the nicest SLR's ever.You should hear the shutter Sound, Music.
Mobile (not asked here, but luv the camera): Nokia Lumia 925

EOS M + 22mm F2 lens ... its the cheaper version of Mikes NEX6+24mm F1.8 lens.

None of them. In fact I'll go further; I've never picked up an Autofocus camera that I've enjoyed.

Part of that is down to the fact that none have had adequate AF for a significant part of my shooting - static, low-ish contrast subjects, often at night - yet don't have adequate manual focusing screens either.

I graduated from digital point-and-shoots to a variety of DSLRs, and then digital Leica cameras, but aside from an Epson RD1s I've never really felt any sort of attachment to any of them. That camera was very idiosyncratic but in a paradoxical way its limitations were liberating: pretty much no menu-settings, so all you could do was take the picture with the manual controls. It was the Epson that made me curious about film rangefinders - and since then my photography has exploded into different formats and 'genres': half-frame Pens, 35mm Leicas, medium format 645 and 6x6. I find Portra is vastly more 'alive' than digital captures, and using film cameras is simply another world in comparison to digital. The list of cameras I 'love most' is constantly changing, but includes a Leica M6, a Mamiya 6 and a Hasselblad 500c/m. At other times I love the Mamiya 645 1000s the most - especially with the 80 f1,9 attached. And then the Pen F and FT cameras can be so much fun... and I've just started using a lovely old Canon 7 with the 0.95 attached... Favorite *digital* camera? huh?

Hi Mike, coming after a long time...how have you been?

DP2 Merrill :)

Nikon D600.

My favorite digital camera ever is the Leica M9, which I've used almost every day for the past four years.

It would be even better if the shutter rewind was mechanical (with a lever, like the film Leicas — would save battery life) and the framelines were thick and had corners like in the M3.

I'm not happy with the direction Leica is going with the M240. They even named it after a machine-gun, for goodness' sake.

Captain Picard performs a facepalm.

Mamiya C330

Canonet QL-17: 40/1.7 lens that way outperforms itself, beautiful leaf shutter sound, quick focusing rangefinder and simply a gem of a camera.

Digital: Olympus OM-D E-M1.
Film: Mamiya C220 Pro.
Extremely different horses, but oh well...


My next one. Currently 5D II

Pentax K100D, for both nostalgia (it was my first DSLR) and compatibility (I can use 60 year old lenses with no fuss).

Konica Hexar AF. Keep comming back to it. Had it and sold it - several times. It even turns a bad shot into a good one;) Believe it or not.

The original Canon G1. Brought me back to photography. I love photographing with a swivel display.

All things considered, Sony A-850. With the Oly E-3 2nd---truly weather and shock proof---then maybe the NEX7 3rd. That's how it is today---still working with the A7R so too early to tell yet. I've had other good ones, but all with big flaws, mostly difficulty of manual focusing.

I am a Nikonist, but since montha ago my D700 is resting in a closet. I now use a Fuji XE 1, a rather slow camera, BUT very light and with excellent quality.

K-01 Pentax. Sensor, focus peaking and using the Pentax(/compatible) lenses. E.g. 43mm.


Minolta SRT 101. Lift and turn the dial to the correct ASA, focus, turn the aperture ring to get the circle on the stick centered on the needle, and press the shutter release. Almost point and shoot. Only problem was I'd have to wait until the next birthday or holiday to finish the roll and get the slides developed. Didn't just nilly will snap off fifty or a hundred frames.

My "real" camera will always be my Mamiya RB67 Pro S with 127mm C lens.


Mamiya 645E - My eyes don't handle focusing on 35mm so well anymore. My favorite used to be a Nikkormat FTN.

And another vote for the Ricoh GR(D) series. It’s always there and always sees what I see. Wish they'd make a 50mm equiv version some day and I wouldn’t need anything else.

The Sony F717! An unbeatable camera design with perfect ergonomics, weight and size. Too bad they never made a new version with better image quality (The F828 and R1 were too big and bulky). If they relaunched it with a new lens and an RX100 equivalent sensor I'd ordet two immediatly.

Olympus OM-4Ti which I used on a family safari with my father in 2001. The spot meter was accurate and dependable with Provia and Velvia. This was the camera that rekindled my passion for photography which has continued into the digital era. Explains why I was so drawn to the Fujifilm X-T1.

Did my best work ever with a Linhof 617!

Easy. Canon FTb. (First love and all that.) FD 50/1.8 kit lens. Tri-X. Very exciting stuff at the time...and pretty darn good results, too.

Mamiya 645 Pro TL! & Fuji X-E1.

Sony A7 fitted with Leica R lenses. That's pretty much fulfilled everything I wanted in a camera since 1967.

Nikon d700. Very much like my F100 in the film days.

Pentax 645N. Still use it now & then.

What can i say, I'm a romantic!

I just love my D700. Sure, it feels like a big old brick to lug around, but it was my dream camera and now, it feels like it's a part of me.
These days I do not take many shots, but each time I use this one, it is a magical pleasure. It just works, and as I know its quirks, I flawlessly work around these, now.
It's big, it's solid, it fits my hands perfectly, it's perfect for me.

I still can't believe how good the D800 is! and my walk around Xpro-1 should arrive today!!!

Olympus E-P2 with external EVF. In retrospect, it was a true eye opener. Changed my photography forever.

Epson R-D1.

My favorite digital camera, relative to the time and technology available, was the Nikon D300. It just felt right in my hands, and the controls were intuitive. My current favorite is the OM-D E-M1, except for the horrendous name.

d200. I went to school and started out professionally with that camera. I knew (and still know) exactly what its files are capable of, and still think that with the right care, i can get better b&w files out of it than any other camera i have ever used.

It shows its age now, but still makes great images.

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