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Friday, 07 March 2014


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It is a good image that can alter our perceptions and perhaps challenge our fears. I was walking under the ice yesterday here in Juneau. The police didn't send anyone after me.

My guess is that he was driven to the nearest er for a psych evaluation.


I was out to take photos on New Years day several years ago when I came across 2 young men on the thin ice in the lagoon. They were jumping up and down, as hard as they could, trying to break the ice. A Wiley Coyote moment. Did they even have an idea of their next step if their plan to break the ice worked.
As much as I would like to be a good Samaritan, I knew I would stop at putting my life, or others, at risk to rescue them. Call for help, yes. Find a long stick and push it toward them, sure. Go out on the ice....

A visual anagram.

Here is a natural landscape with a tiny death-defying mirrored human.

I would buy this image if it was offered in a print sale.

I am not sure if it looks better up-side up or downside-up, but you can choose how you would like to display it.

Both ways seem to work.

I would be interested to know if the image would be as strong without the tiny man --probably not.

Incredible shot. I don't know if this is much different than that guy who walks on tightropes from one skyscraper to another except that one fellow is celebrated by the public, and the other is whisked off to a psych ward.

I know this lake well from 2 sides..Chicago and Michigan. As a lifelong user and multi seasonal user of Lake Michigan I have to say that this person was either a rookie, or, has some serious mental problems.

Lake Michigan freezes, sorta, sometimes. Close to shore in a cold winter..Like this one, you can go on the ice after a decent period of cold..decent meaning weeks and weeks of prolonged cold. but, not very far out.

The recent thaw that Ken mentioned opened up the lake to water again..This re-freeze, which I watched from the shores of the Michigan side, did not represent a situation where it was safe to be doing what this guy was doing. He's seriously lucky to be alive ..probably a super skinny dude.

That ice was precarious. It's noteworthy that the reopening of the lake away from shore happened almost overnight..a testament to how thick, or, actually, thin the ice gets out away from shore..even after months of below freezing weather here, it was in a relative blink of an eye that water reappeared.

Lake Michigan is not a little pond style lake..it moves, heaves, breathes and it takes the ice with it..cracking it layering it at will.

Dude was nuts.

Nice shot Ken..VERY strange picture

I recently visited the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Fl. Always thought of him as a genius/pioneer of self-promotion, probably due to the many times I found him, not his art, in the pages of the of Life magazine when I was a youngster. But strongly suggest you revisit his art, not him, especially his use of the miniature figure in his surreal landscapes. I think you may have magically/realistically outdone him!

This picture and it's 'back-story' really work for me.
A lovely picture by any standard, but for me, it is also instructive in two other ways; composition wise I am reminded of the artist's device of turning the canvas upside down to check composition---your works so well I almost prefer it. But also your history of knowing the place, and returning to it photographically again and again, accords deeply with what I refer to as 'Grateful and Persistent Looking'. The returning, is an act of respect for the place, and the looking is not so much looking for pictures, but looking for what wonders the place will choose to reveal today. (It doesn't matter if it is out your window or a distant place). Sometimes, like people, places reveal themselves only over time and present us with pictures 'whole cloth', on their own schedule, --like a gift. All we have to do is be Ready, and be Grateful.
You were obviously both. Very Nice.

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