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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


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The X100 and X100s are different cameras. Same lens, but the X100 is a 12mp Bayer Array while the X100s is the 16mp Xtrans II sensor. The X100s also has a number of improvements, most notably quicker focusing and a closer minimum focus distance.

I don't have either camera…yet.

Pre-firmware updates, I would consider the X100 and X100S to be different cameras in operational terms, as I love my X100S and didn't love my X100 nearly as much.

With the firmware updates, I understand this has changed (I long ago sold my X100, so I haven't been able to compare them), but in view of the above, I'd probably consider them to be different cameras.

Except that this is an informal poll, so I suppose it's fair to just lump them together...

Sounds like Sarge is a masochist. You might want to tell him that there are easier ways to get his thrills...


P.S. All hail Sarge! Thank goodness there are people who are willing to take on such beastly tasks!

I hope the tabulation will remove the film cameras, or at least tabulate them in a separate category.

I second the motion to have a favorite film camera, favorite lens, favorite camera that you miss, etc. - but not all at once, please!

You could try the same thing with photos from your favourite camera -- it would make the exercise for Sarge so much simpler because you could write a script to just strip out the EXIF info into a spreadsheet!


After all of the firmware updates, the X100 is transformed from its original, rather slow-pokey state…but it's still not an X100S, which is notably faster than my X100. There are also a number of control improvements on the X100S that correct some basic errors Fuji made on the original camera, like the stupid freewheeling ex comp dial that ruined a lot of shots until I put an aftermarket thumb rest on the camera. Files do look remarkably similar despite the sensor change, but I'll eventually upgrade to the S for its more DMD-like responsiveness. Just have to get my wife to adopt the X100 first.

Regarding whether the X100 and X100S are different cameras, it depends on what your operational definition of what constitutes a difference is.

But considering that the X100S has a completely different sensor, both in resolution, and more importantly sensor design, as well as a completely different EVF display and resolution (2.4million dot vs 1.44 million), control functionality (3 vs 2 stops of exposure compensation and a different EVF activation switch) autofocus system, vastly improved manual focus functionality, different menu system, and different control layout, seems to me to say that this is a different camera. All that is same is the lens and body shell.

After the newest firmware updates to the X100, I've gone back from the new X100s to the old X100. Like a lot of others, I find that the look of the X-Trans files from the newer X100s leaves something to be desired, especially when using Lightroom. X-Trans is a trade off of, and I find Bayer to be preferable, so, despite giving up the higher resolution EVF (which I rarely use and isn't great in either camera) and a few other things, I prefer the original X100.

X100 and X100S are different cameras!

X100 has the same Sony IMX038 12 MP sensor as used in Nikon D90, Nikon D5000, Nikon D300s, and Pentax K-r.

X100s has a second generation X-trans sensor as in the X-E2 and X-T1!

The resulting images look quite distinct, both in RAW and in JPG.

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