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Friday, 07 March 2014


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Mike, here's a comment to pass along to your 'guy' at Focus Camera. Their trade-in page has a very limited list of camera "Type"s in which they seem to be interested: "Pinhole, Point & Shoot, DSLR, Instant, Video". No SLR? No large format? No fixed lens film bodies? And their "Camera?" menu doesn't include some obvious brands like Leica, Minolta, or Fuji. Hmmm..?

[Hi Jamie, I was told anything will do. If you can wait until Monday I can check again for you. --Mike]

Without actually checking this out, I think this is a time honored way of getting around the minimum sale price on something. AKA a loophole.

I remember a store doing a sale on lenses with a trade in deal like this, and a box of crackerjack grade plastic magnifier lenses for sale at a dollar a piece for the continence of their customers without a broken pair of eyeglasses or other worthless lens.

From the sounds of it, an oatmeal box or thrift store disk camera will qualify.
The resale market for point and shoot film cameras, instant cameras, and pinhole cameras is non existent. The DSLR bit is probably either a joke or added to the list for plausible deniability.

Then again, perhaps you have successfully pulled Mikes leg.
If not, what Leica did you want to trade for $300? Perhaps I can trade a pinhole or point and shoot for your Leica and you can use that for your A7 trade in. I'll even spring for shipping

Now that is getting to the price level where this antipodean photographer will very seriously consider (risk?) another Sony product Everything is right about the A7R...

Mike, I know sponsor's money is important, but you might have a look here at reseller ratingsā€¦. Focus camera has an abysmal rating, like many "brooklyn" camera companiesā€¦.. http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Focus_Camera

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