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Monday, 03 March 2014


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Amazing what the threat of a class action lawsuit can accomplish.

I still have to regularly clean the oil spots off my D7000 sensor. There was a similar rash of complaints about the D7000 when it was introduced, but I don't remember them every really admitting there was a systemic problem. Did I miss something?

The only thing that surprises me about this whole blasted mess is that it took so long for an effective class action threat to get going. I didn't lose any money over my two defective D600 bodies, but I was magically transformed into a Canon shooter for full-frame digital. Abracadabra, Nikon.

"Nikon Takes Pesky Bull by Horns"? Hardly... This seems more like grabbing the bull by its tail.

Mine is boxed up and off to their repair depot this PM. The registration site is, odd. The packing list printed as dark grey letters on a black background in Chrome but was OK with Safari. With either browser my email address changed from @gmail.com to @snail.com--really, I double-checked that I hadn't fat-fingered it.

I hope this doesn't foretell the fate of my D600 while it is in the hands of the repair center.

I wonder if the folks at the drop off site will curious as to the contents of a box whose pre-printed label has "Nikon" and D600 on it.

H'm - about time. Nikon's refusal to acknowledge a real issue and do right by this long-time Nikon user & current D600 owner have lost them another customer.

In fact I am so displeased with them I am selling off my digital _and_ film bodies and lenses; anything with the Nikon name on it.

Too bad Canon do not have anything under the 5D Mark III with decent AF point coverage. Now I am trying to decide between Fujifilm (wonderful controls on the X-T1) or Olympus (better EVF on the E-M1)... suggestions welcome :-)

Nothing appeared in Nikon Hong Kong. Seems US only.

Still party smileys

Better late than never?

Not exactly.

I planned to replace my two D700 bodies with D600s.

Instead I held on to the D700s... until recently.

Last week I traded one D700 and four lenses for an XT-1 (and a bucket of pre-order, in-store credit). The second D700 and remaining Nikkor lens will be gone when within a month when a second XT-1, battery grip and Fujinon wide-angle zoom arrive.

I can liquidate my CamRanger gear too as the free Fujifilm remote camera control App works well with the XT-1's WIFi

My wheeled, suitcase camera bag for gigs will be retired. In its place will be a manageable backpack for the two XT-1 bodies, lenses and 4 Yongnuo strobes.

And, the IQ from the XT-1 raw and Fujinon 14/2.8 beats Nikon's with the 16-35/4 G at 20mm. I have no idea how well the D600 would compare. I'll never know.

If Nikon had addressed the D600 issue in a timely and responsible way, I would still be lugging large, heavy, loud Nikon stuff around.

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