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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


So one would naturally wonder when and what was the first photo ever to appear on the web...


Web, is that the thing spiders weave to catch prey? Wel that has probably been around from at least 165 million years ago. Or is the thing economists and advertisers use to catch unweary customers. That is so young who care how old it is?

Whenever the Web was born, it sure has changed photography in a huge way.

should be:

Whenever the Web was created and commercialised, it sure has trivialised photography in a huge way.

Greets, Ed.

People, especially a certain self-promoting politician, tend to forget the history of TCP/IP and the Internet. It's not like we had no network before then, nor a communications protocol. We had many. It wasn't until 2004-2005 that one started emerging as the market leader.

We could have just as easily ended up with an internetworking system based on the work of a dozen different companies. The concept of the Internet or World Wide Web was actually around for a long time, but the majority of the communications protocols needed fleshing out, which they were as version after version came out.

The market selected the winner. It could be argued that the market selected the wrong one. We've been trying to fix and work around the flaws ever since. It scaled well, but not without grief and costly stretch marks.

The computer industry has so much (Apple II -> IBM PC; Mac OS -> windows; iPod, iphone! ipad -> samsung) debt to Job I always thought may be the Internet is not related to his. But as said, the ease of the programming using Next is one of the reason why Lee got the web server out.

RIP, Steve.

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