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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


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Things change, it's inevitable. Good luck to you both, looking forward to the new projects.

I'm jealous about that Yellowknife trip. We've been meaning to go for a few years, but somehow it never works out.

I look forward to Ctein's column every week. It will be an adjustment!! BTW thanks for introducing me to Puer tea and Piao i teapot. Have enjoyed both. Brandon Scott

I bet the replies to this article are the longest line of good wishes in photo-blogdom. So, great good wishes.

I've always looked forward to read Ctein's weekly columns more eagerly than anything else I can remember! I will miss them very much.
That said, there is some solace in the information that he will continue to be around and not disappear entirely from TOP.

Best regards from Bangalore,

Sandford/Ctein... intriguing.

Is there a guess the genre prize ?

I know the established American idiom is to express good hopes all around and wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors, but I will selfishly give voice to my inner three year-old and just comment, "waaaahhhhhhh. [insert tantrum here]. How can less Ctein ever be a good thing [ul]for me[/ul]?"

Seriously though, once my inner three year-old was finished, dusted himself off, and got up off the floor, he said: congratulations on a great run. You all have put a buuunch of great stuff out there in the world and made the world a more interesting place to live in. To quote Stan Lee: Excelsior! (whatever that means). Hopefully, something like, "don't be a stranger."

Ben Marks

Just a quick thank you to Ctein for all his interesting and stimulating articles - your regular missives will be missed, but the reasons are perfectly understandable. Enjoy the next phase.
For me I'm sure TOP will remain the first site I visit daily
Keep up the good work Mike (& Ctein)

-35 degrees Celsius - no problems at all - you're guaranteed that there are absolutely no mosquitos. That's something!!

You should do a recap post about the dye transfer sale woth matrices. I got mine, one of my 3 choices, and it is a nice print, suitable for hanging for sure. It was fun to read about how the prints are made, too. One fantasizes about getting some dyes, a registration system, some fixed-out fiberbase paper, and trying to make a print from the matrices...

It's good to sweep up, re-arrange, and start a little fresh every so often. So I'll look forward to the occasional fresh Ctein and whatever else new comes down the TOP pike.

I'll miss your weekly column Ctein, however, I look forward for the results of the new arrangement. Being optimistic, ch-ch-changes are for the better.

I have truly enjoyed Ctein's thoughtful, interesting columns, and I will miss their weekly appearance. However, Infrequent Ctein is much better than No Ctein at all!!

I will miss the weekly columns, but it's understandable that life goes on and nothing lasts forever. Hope that the changes will work out well.

I'm going to miss Ctein every week, but, honestly, I don't know how he kept up the schedule. Well, it's one more in a string of changes over the last year. We've had Adobe going to the damned subscription, John Nack moving to Google, and now the end of the weekly Ctein.

Oddly, I feel enthusiastic about the TOP changes. I know that whatever you guys decide to do, this site will be well worth the visit. And a novel by John Camp AND Ctein? OMG! I can't wait!

Best of luck with your big plans!

(This replaces four paragraphs of explanation of why I can't possibly have any meaningful opinion about what's going to happen yet, largely because of near-total ignorance.)

Thanks Ctein, and a John Sandford/Ctein novel; I'm intrigued.


I just love how things dovetail together on TOP.

Last night I finished reading the 1903 short story by Jack London, "To Build a Fire", included in last Sunday's "Open Mike: More Books from the Great List".

This morning (the wonders of time zones) I see Ctein's wonderful photo of Vivian and the aurora borealis by moonlight. Here down under, where we have more bushfires than snow, I now have an appreciation of what it means to have naked skin at -35° Celsius. (In Jack London's story, it's -75° Fahrenheit, -60° Celsius. Either way, pretty chilly.)

Farewell regular columnist, you'll be missed.

Welcome new technical editor.

I can't say I have ever been dissatisfied with an article here, so whatever you publish I will read. I am looking forward to the upcoming print and book sales, and welcome columns from Ctein whenever he has time.

I go back to reading Ctein's postings on photo newsgroups (if anybody remembers them). Good to know he will still be contributing, hopefully at a greater frequency than projected.

Sounds Good!!

Onwards and .... Onwards!
Mike, you often sound apologetic when discussing this site of yours; I think you shouldn't.

Well, Ctein thanks for your columns. I've certainly learned from them, always an interesting and knowledgable viewpoint.

Mike I do hope that you have lined up one or two fresh contributors to pitch in either regularly or semi-regularly, to help fill the space and ease the strain of daily posting in Ctein's absence.

Vivian! Oh my goodness! Look behind you!

Will be sorry to see Ctein's regular and often offbeat column go. Now where will we get interesting articles about tea?

"Ctein is not disappearing from TOP."

That's all we need to hear!

Going to miss the off topic articles, but grateful for all the ones we got.
All the best to Ctein and Mike!
Thank you so much!

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