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Tuesday, 04 February 2014


Which is why I have suggested to you several times that you should have a recent comments panel. It is essential for a blog like yours which has frequent long term interest posts. If you had one (and it's crazy that you don't) people could instantly see that an older post had sparked up again. More stats for you too as well as being very useful for your readers.

the problem you posit is a good argument for reading blogs via a feed manager (aka "news reader); i had already seen Nadeau's interesting comment because your site's ATOM feed works well and my fead manager has some smart features

i'm using NetNewsWire, a capable, if somewhat creaky, subscription manager for RSS and ATOM feeds on OS X; TOP's feed contains the body of the article plus any featured comments; when i update my subscriptions, i see new posts at the top, but old posts that i've marked as read revert to unread if the article body or the featured comments have been updated; when i review such posts, whatever has changed is highlighted in green

i don't particularly tout NetNewsWire, but i highly recommend using a feed manager for efficiency in following sites like TOP, and i appreciate that TOP's feed functions well

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