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Sunday, 02 February 2014


I don't know, I thought it was a fun game. It helps that I wasn't rooting for Denver in the first place, and probably also that I don't give a damn about football and never watch it (this was, I think, the first time I've watched a football game in at least 30 years). But it was amusing watching the Seahawks completely blowing away the Broncos. Pity about Sherman getting injured, though. And several of those expensive commercials were entertaining. Bob Dylan for Chrysler, seriously? Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus for Kia? Stephen Colbert in a bright green suit labeled "Pistachio"?

[And in the Dylan commercial they dubbed in a different voice, which made it surreal. Strangely pleasing in a "what Universe am I in now?" kind of way. --Mike]

Odd how many teams play their 'worst game' when faced with a defense such as Seattle has.

[They beat the Saints by eight and barely pulled it out over the 49ers by six points. Neither of those teams played their worst games against Seattle. And Seattle lost twice in December. --Mike]

I decided to visit the inlaws instead of watch the stupidbowl. I heard the half time show was good and that was about all. It's not even a big deal to watch for the ads anymore as they are released on youtube long before the game. Not having a dog in the fight I really didn't care who won but since Seattle was closest to me I was kind of rooting for them.

Even the commercials were mediocre this year. There were a few that were OK but the rest of them were just what I would call routine commercials.

I think you do a disservice to Seattle's fantastic defensive effort, which would have shut down anyone tonight. Only 3 'blowouts' have happened in the last 14 Super Bowls, and these were caused by the three best defensive teams during that period: the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, the 2002 Tampa Bay Bucs, and now Seattle.

Fast and furious defenses have a way of making the other team look sick, especially when they get the early lead, and even more when they cause turnovers. No coincidence with those 3 games. Denver ran into a buzz saw.

Denver didn't play well, for sure, but give credit where credit is due.

I feel a little sorry (OK, not really) for the advertisers that spent huge money for a spot during the fourth quarter of this game. Downton Abbey was good and Sherlock was terrific so Sunday wasn't a total loss.

I'd have to check but I don't think there are any players from Superbowl XXII or Superbowl XXIV left on the Denver team.

The big winner was the non-profit NFL.

I know I'm in the minority, but I love it when defense prevails over offense.

Congrats to the Seahawks and their fans!

Agreed, the game was a bust. I think even the Seahawks fans would have liked to feel that they won a competitive contest.

To add insult to injury for the fans in attendance, the trains were a mess. After setting things up so mass transit was the only reasonable alternative for most fans, the railroads were apparently amazed when a huge mass of people showed up.

I agree with your game assessment and to make things worse, the commercials weren't all that entertaining. I turned the set off and went to bed early.

could have made a lot of money betting against the "pundits" good defense usually wins, but not by this much.

wish I had put A $1000 to beat the spread big, shoulda, coulda, woulda.

the worst Super Bowl ads I can remember. as a 60's guy I cringed at the Bob Dylan ad, what a sell out. I'm sure he made big
bucks though.

You summed up the game perfectly. And at halftime....I generally like Bruno Mars, but after his group the the Chili Peppers made noise for several minutes....I switched first to a 60-Minutes segment, then some of America's Funniest Home Videos, and ultimately settled on recorded highlights from the week's play in England's Premier League. English football was far more interesting than American football for the day.

I still enjoyed the game, despite feeling worse and worse for Denver. As a "cord cutter" I was happy to find that I could hook up my laptop to the tv and watch it over the internet at decent quality, and it gave us an excuse for a few hours of snacking. Plus Bruno Mars was unexpectedly good at half-time. Of course by the fourth quarter the only question was, can Seattle make it an all time blow-out record.

Actually, there's a rumor around that the real Broncos were locked in a restroom at the Denver airport, and that the team facing Seattle was a Colorado high school team,,,,, Well, it seemed that way....

In retrospect, the best thing about yesterday's SuperBowl is the horrified reaction that the Coca-Cola commercial is getting from racist morons all over the country. How dare Coca-Cola imply that this is a country of immigrants? :)

"I turned the set off..."

Well there's an expression dating back over half a century, Jim! The "television set". I always wondered how "set" ever made sense.

To me, the most cringe-worthy plays were the
missed tackles by Denver. More than one or two. It's one thing when the Denver offense is shut down by the Seattle defense. But missing tackles... that many times? Really?

I thought that the Dylan voice wasn't his (in the Chrysler ad), but I can't find any 'proof'. I was certain that at the least is was looped in in post-production, not recorded live. I'm a mild fan and I don't think of being in a commercial (or in the case of the yogurt ad, his song) to be a sell out. I mean, he's got bills to pay, same as you and me.

If you (Mike) can point to a reference confirming the voice was a sound-alike, I'd appreciate it, so I can say 'told ya!' to my Facebook friends.


I was expecting a closer game, but we'll take it. That moonshot Denver launched on the first play from scrimmage was, as the NYTimes noted, the kharmic equivalent of a black cat opening an umbrella under a ladder in the Broncos' locker room.

At least no one was killed in the obligatory post-game riots in Seattle, though I got a snoot full of toxic fumes from the bonfires set by the lads on Frat Row over at the UW. They got a head start on spring cleaning by dragging all their sofas and mattresses out on the street and setting them on fire.

Pitchers and catchers report in 10 days, which marks the official end of winter.

Perhaps a bit out of step here, but I enjoyed the game. Not 'exciting' particularly, but not watching to be excited. I enjoyed watching the Seahawks backs and corners shut down the passing game (most of the time), and the four man rush overpowering the Broncs front four, or at least pushing them around a bit. And the tackling and speed of the Seahawk's defense in general - awesome to watch - if you like football. I get the impression that a lot of folks who don't really like football all that much watch this game because.. well, not sure why. Cause everyone will be talking about and they don't want to be left out? And of course it's hyped as some big 'entertainment' event, so I guess we can complain if we weren't entertained. (And fell for the hype? Really?) I noticed as many comments about the commercials as about the game (well, I didn't count them), I think that makes it clear about the audience and it's interests.

FWIW, a football game I enjoyed watching, certainly had some surprises - (really, no one mentions running back the second half kickoff for a TD??) - and a nice finish to a good season. IMHO


Geez Ken, make a guy feel old or something. I don't know where the term TV Set came from, but we've used it since dirt was invented. My dad brought one of first ones home with a 9 or 10 screen sometime in the early fifties. Those were in a real wooden cabinet and I suspect they were called a set because they had the receiver, tube, amplifier, speaker and amplifier all in one cabinet . . . hence a set. I once owned a huge monitor (27 inches) that had none of those components so I had to provide the receiver and hook it into my stereo. Didn't mean to hijack the thread.

By the way, it was Ane Brun singing in that amazing Chevrolet commercial, which I considered the best of the lot.

With yesterday's lopsided affair, the Super Bowl merely returned to form. The closely fought, exciting games of the past few years were an anomaly. Just think back upon all the yawners that you have watched in the past, and what happened to the Broncos does not seem so out of line. Yes, the game was hyped as a perfect matchup of a great offense against a great defense, but Denver had run up huge stats against a schedule of weak opponents in the AFC. Finally, in Seattle, they came up against a seriously good opponent. There are probably 4 or 5 teams in the NFC that would beat Denver on a neutral playing field, and that includes your Green Bay Packers.

BTW, I watched the game in delayed fashion on my DVR, which means that I was able to skip the idiotic commercials and the half-time show that detract from the game itself. Over the years, the Super Bowl has come to be 75% spectacle and 25% game. With my DVR, I was able to convert that to 95% game and 5% semi-interesting commentary and interviews. Sports, for me, are virtually unwatchable any other way.

Please no more of this horrible , corrupt, unsafe, ugly, exploitative sport!

Bluntly, the game sucked. Not that I dislike Seattle, or defense, but it would have been nice to see a competitive game. Ah, now I have to wait for the draft, free agency, franchise tags, and trades before the 2014 season starts.

Dubbed Dylan? Where did you come up with that?

apparently it was a 4 out of 5. I couldn't wake up Monday morning at 5AM to watch it when i had a train to catch later in the evening.

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