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Monday, 10 February 2014


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Actually, Mike, you're a terrible capitalist. But you're a good man, which makes me inclined to link through you whenever I'm making a web purchase of any kind. (Road to Seeing excepted, as you suggest).

Finally? I got my copy from Amazon three weeks ago. Well worth it.

I ordered my copy through your link a couple weeks ago. It arrived last week while I was out of town. The dog sitter made sure to keep the Amazon box out of the rain. I'm about 20 pages in and so far it's pretty good but it's too early for me I form an opinion. I can say it's like no other photo book I own -- this one is experimental. The closest comparison I come up with is David Douglas Duncan's "Photo Nomad". Both are experimental photography memoirs.

Finally shipping? I got my copy from Amazon on December 26. Did they sell out the first batches?

Be that as it may, I'm only halfway through the thing! It's a crazy fat book, 600-some pages, the weight of a cinder block. I found the first, biographical chapters not too interesting, but it picks up quickly after that.

You might also want to pick up "Dan Winter's America" as a companion volume. Many of the images Winters talks about shooting in "Road to Seeing" are presented much larger in "America," and they're worth seeing big as you follow along.

I'm paging through my copy right now and noticed a problem. Several of the pages are printed twice and placed out of order. If you have a copy look at the Michael Jordan and Him Carrey pages (near page 323). Mine has two of both. Anyone else have the same problem?

Out of stock again as of this writing 4 PM/11 Feb - Adelaide Australia, but taking orders for future delivery. :-)

Dear Mike,

Well, every little bit helps IMNSHO. I decided "Road to Seeing" belongs on my shelf (whether I find time to read it is another matter), but I went through your affiliate link.

I've now got a nice shortcut for that. I've used it enough that if I just start typing "amazon..." into Firefox's URL bar, the first hit that comes up in the suggestion list is "Amazon via TOP-- http://www.amazon.com/?tag=theonlinephot-20"

Now I don't even have to remember to use your affiliate links when I use Amazon.

pax / Ctein

Just ordered mine through Strobist link, and out of stock, with no shipping date confirmed.

Maybe not a successful capitalist, but you are a 'good' capitalist.

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